don’t rush the sun in setting {original poem + linocut stamp}

Don’t rush the sun in setting, Don’t join it at the end, But watch it creep across the sky, In whispers of the wind. Don’t ask to see it hurry, Don’t tell it ‘hasten now,’ But enjoy the quiet stillness, As it greets the old oak’s bough. Watch it bow and curtesy,To its weathered friend,Who… Continue reading don’t rush the sun in setting {original poem + linocut stamp}

April | pictures, writings, and little thoughts

It's hard to believe that it's already May of 2021. A few more months and I'll be a legal adult, but in the meantime, I have started the process of applying to various colleges, signed up for the CLT test, painted half a tiger, and finished classes for my junior year. Plus some other various… Continue reading April | pictures, writings, and little thoughts

In which I interview a very good friend | collab with listening to the sky

This past weekend it was my great pleasure to make crepes and a pot of tea with a very good friend of mine and then sit across the table on my back porch to discuss art, beauty, and poetry, as well as her new blog, Listening to the Sky. As a formal-ish introduction, Kailey is… Continue reading In which I interview a very good friend | collab with listening to the sky

Two Poems

Heyoo friends, this week has been quite a bit busy as it's week of mock trial state competition, so I decided to share these two poems I've written recently, instead of skipping out of posting all together. I hope they make you smile and maybe stop to notice the sunset tonight. Until next week! (:… Continue reading Two Poems

Autumn Pictures

I think I've gone crazy with my new phone/new camera. I've always thought that the camera is one of the best aspects of a phone, but with getting a new phone and then autumn coming around, and everything so gloriously autumn, I've taken too many pictures to count. I hope you enjoy looking at some… Continue reading Autumn Pictures