about little ole me

hello there! my name is Evelyn, and I have loved telling and experiencing stories for as long as I remember. this is my blog where I share thoughts and writings. sometimes it is small, while sometimes it is a drenching. I post something roughly every Friday depending on that little thing called life. I discuss about the novels I am writing, talk about books I have read, or share interesting poetry exercises. Or I talk about places I have been and people I have met. And sometimes I post my original poetry or art.

I am a bookworm (atrocious reader), a hot-tea drinker (snob), rain-lover (pluviophile), world-weaver (writer), an irregular painter, and I flatter myself with the title of ‘poet.’ my room is filled with a forever fluctuating number of happy plants with eccentric names.

nine more random things about me:

  1. i sort my bookshelf by color
  2. i love boba tea and sushi, and if i ever get a puppy the chance it will be named boba is very high
  3. my car is named spike after the brother of snoopy from the peanuts comics (the one with the mustache always having an existential crisis or some other deep conversation with a cactus)
  4. in high school, I competed in mock trial and sang in an incredible satb choir.
  5. studio ghilbi films are my latest obsession
  6. good movie soundtracks and the world of classical music never fail to make me happy.
  7. ultimate frisbee is my favorite sport (if we don’t qualify mock trial as one ;))

i love people and getting excited about things with them and hanging out with them, and even crying with them. one day I hope to write quirky and imaginative novels for a living. anywho, consider this scattering of random facts an introduction and feel free to reach out with a simple hello. ((:

~ evelyn ~

a.k.a. the rain-drenched writer.