five favorite studio vlogs

Hello friends! Today I'm going to share five of my favorite studio channels. In general, I find that I can get lost in a good studio vlog, watching an artist and his/her creative process, but these are five I follow consistently. They are all unique in their own way, but wonderful. I like to watch… Continue reading five favorite studio vlogs

in which I revisit my writing goals from 2021 and write new ones

Hello friends, happy Thursday. I have returned with yet another (and final) retrospective post about last year. At the beginning of 2021 I created a list of writing-themed goals to pursue. No surprise here: I did not accomplish them all (even though most of them were purposefully vague haha), but I am still rather glad… Continue reading in which I revisit my writing goals from 2021 and write new ones

poor artist muses about Hawaii

Someday you will be driving down the street and see me on the sidewalk holding a battered poster board with crayon scrawl: will write stories for boba tea & sushi - i have 23 plants to support. I'll live in a small apartment above an antique shop with a partially stained glass window and a… Continue reading poor artist muses about Hawaii

Five things I wish I could make

There is always a running list of arts and sciences I wish I had talent for, but there have recently been a few that have really stood out as things I want to learn eventually. I think that the different facets of art are so neat, especially when it brings art into everyday things, which… Continue reading Five things I wish I could make

April | pictures, writings, and little thoughts

It's hard to believe that it's already May of 2021. A few more months and I'll be a legal adult, but in the meantime, I have started the process of applying to various colleges, signed up for the CLT test, painted half a tiger, and finished classes for my junior year. Plus some other various… Continue reading April | pictures, writings, and little thoughts

17 Things I've Learned and Earned from Competing in Mock Trial

This past week I stumbled upon some dozen, old half-drafted posts, as one does. Most of them are book reviews, but there was also some musings over Dickens, rants about old classics, thoughts on common writing advice, and a few scattered art dumps. And then there was the one about "mock trial." I know this… Continue reading 17 Things I've Learned and Earned from Competing in Mock Trial

A Rather Lengthy Bookish Post | feat. two tags

Hello all and happy Saturday! I got tagged by The Arbitrary Fairy some time ago for this fun set of bookish questions (created by Madison), and not even a couple days ago was tagged by Kenechi. Which are both great excuses to be bookish. And talk about books. What's not to like? #1. What books… Continue reading A Rather Lengthy Bookish Post | feat. two tags

Autumn Pictures

I think I've gone crazy with my new phone/new camera. I've always thought that the camera is one of the best aspects of a phone, but with getting a new phone and then autumn coming around, and everything so gloriously autumn, I've taken too many pictures to count. I hope you enjoy looking at some… Continue reading Autumn Pictures