five favorite studio vlogs

Hello friends! Today I'm going to share five of my favorite studio channels. In general, I find that I can get lost in a good studio vlog, watching an artist and his/her creative process, but these are five I follow consistently. They are all unique in their own way, but wonderful. I like to watch… Continue reading five favorite studio vlogs

don’t rush the sun in setting {original poem + linocut stamp}

Don’t rush the sun in setting, Don’t join it at the end, But watch it creep across the sky, In whispers of the wind. Don’t ask to see it hurry, Don’t tell it ‘hasten now,’ But enjoy the quiet stillness, As it greets the old oak’s bough. Watch it bow and curtesy,To its weathered friend,Who… Continue reading don’t rush the sun in setting {original poem + linocut stamp}

in which I revisit my writing goals from 2021 and write new ones

Hello friends, happy Thursday. I have returned with yet another (and final) retrospective post about last year. At the beginning of 2021 I created a list of writing-themed goals to pursue. No surprise here: I did not accomplish them all (even though most of them were purposefully vague haha), but I am still rather glad… Continue reading in which I revisit my writing goals from 2021 and write new ones

Favorite Books Read 2021

As one year settles and another begins (altogether much too fast - is it already February?), I reminisce on what at first felt like little change. But slowly peeling back the months like orange slices to study and digest, I began to realize just how much has happened this past year. I did not read… Continue reading Favorite Books Read 2021

Autumn Ramblings {feat. my fall photo dump, the four winds, and Howl’s Moving Castle}

This is where I resurface for the death of the leaves during my favorite season and scatter random thoughts like the wind. For example, since my unexplained disappearance from the blogging sphere, I have discovered that there is nothing like college applications to make you feel like you've accomplished nothing with your high-school years. While,… Continue reading Autumn Ramblings {feat. my fall photo dump, the four winds, and Howl’s Moving Castle}

poor artist muses about Hawaii

Someday you will be driving down the street and see me on the sidewalk holding a battered poster board with crayon scrawl: will write stories for boba tea & sushi - i have 23 plants to support. I'll live in a small apartment above an antique shop with a partially stained glass window and a… Continue reading poor artist muses about Hawaii