Two Poems

Heyoo friends, this week has been quite a bit busy as it's week of mock trial state competition, so I decided to share these two poems I've written recently, instead of skipping out of posting all together. I hope they make you smile and maybe stop to notice the sunset tonight. Until next week! (:… Continue reading Two Poems

I miss your smile {poetry}

I miss your smile but at leastI see your nose crinkle your eyes upand your freckles creasedas I know you radiate like the sun beneath.Like a sunrise sending colors spiraling to the heavens,even when the sun is hidden, just out of sight.Red roses fall, and the pink flush is warming.I miss your smile but know… Continue reading I miss your smile {poetry}

Poetry Journal Tour | ft. messy handwriting, pictures, and poems I sort of wrote

This year my homeschool co-op's junior class includes a seminar on writing poetry. I've been adoring this one, though it's hard to fit in poetry after working on chemistry and algebra and debate for hours each day. At the beginning of the year we were told to bring two things to class: the book we're… Continue reading Poetry Journal Tour | ft. messy handwriting, pictures, and poems I sort of wrote

Bookbinder Poetry | collab with Emma from Seven Billion Smiles

Hulloooo and happy Monday! Today I have the wonderful pleasure of collaborating with the lovely Emma from Seven Billion Smiles. She started this blog with her younger sisters which to this day is one of my absolute favorites. Their drawings and poetry are gorgeous and conversations are always so refreshing. I find myself thinking back… Continue reading Bookbinder Poetry | collab with Emma from Seven Billion Smiles

Found Poetry

There is something lovely about sitting in the grainy light of dusk and scribbling poetry in one's notebook, then sipping some fizzy fruit juice and tracing the gorgeous pictures in one's 1945 copy of John James Audubon's Birds of America. That was Wednesday evening. I sat and stared at empty pages, wrenching my brain to… Continue reading Found Poetry

Exquisite Corpse Poetry: The Poem Itself

Last week everyone was invited to contribute a line of poetry for an exquisite corpse poem. Thanks to everyone who participated! Here is the resulting piece: No one talks about the sky.Elephants yawn at the inky sky,Color pulses behind their closed eyes.Rabbits are a gift from God.I'll give the moon a hug.A donkey brayed across… Continue reading Exquisite Corpse Poetry: The Poem Itself