don’t rush the sun in setting {original poem + linocut stamp}

Don’t rush the sun in setting,
Don’t join it at the end,
But watch it creep across the sky,
In whispers of the wind.
Don’t ask to see it hurry,
Don’t tell it ‘hasten now,’
But enjoy the quiet stillness,
As it greets the old oak’s bough.
Watch it bow and curtesy,
To its weathered friend,
Who creaks and groans in passing,
Waving wrinkled ends.
Scraggly its fingers
Combing through the blaze
Of rich orange fire lowering itself
Into a dusky glaze.
See it slip into the depths,
And sink out of your sight.
Then darkness overcomes your bones
As an owl laments the night.

19 thoughts on “don’t rush the sun in setting {original poem + linocut stamp}”

  1. Beautiful! I love the line about the branches combing through the sunset – I’ve never thought of it that way before but as soon as I read it it made perfect sense. Good poetry. 🙂

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