April | pictures, writings, and little thoughts

It’s hard to believe that it’s already May of 2021.

A few more months and I’ll be a legal adult, but in the meantime, I have started the process of applying to various colleges, signed up for the CLT test, painted half a tiger, and finished classes for my junior year. Plus some other various grown-up-ish-things.

(me = adult? this can’t be legal. send help plz)

The highlight has 100% been my choir’s week of concerts and hanging out with ’em friends at Harris Teeter in full formal attire around the hours of midnight post-concert, while raiding the abandoned aisles for random food items, such as raw cabbage, ice-cream sandwiches, cold chicken, and (of course) chocolate milk.

Later on, we even sang our acapella (and some non acapella) Latin songs in the parking lot while apparently “lovely Troy” emptied the trash. I say lovely Troy because he apparently told on us to his disbelieving fellow employees, who called us out the second night multiple times, and even once over the loud speaker, thanking us for singing to “lovely Troy” which cracked us up to no end. 😆

Over the course of April, I also wrote 20,000 words for my newest novel, The Rain Falls Up Beneath the Bridge. This post will be organized by snippets, along with pictures from the past month. Honestly, I’m surprised I made it to my camp NaNoWriMo goal. I wrote in spurts of a couple thousand words at a time with week long dry spells.

I also wrote 2,000 words in one hour the last night??

Mostly because I told a friend I would, and so then I did it. You could almost call it a dare. And I’m pretty competitive.

“Well bless my soul,” Aunt Fiona exclaimed one Saturday morning as she stared out the parlor window. “I see some new umbrellas in the rain.”

Aunt Fiona was always blessing her soul. This was no new development. But new umbrellas? This was getting interesting.

My dad and I have started going to our favorite local coffee shop on a weekly basis. We order some tea, usually a scone, and then sit and work for hours. It’s been very interesting and provided a lot of inspiration for some scenes in my camp NaNoWriMo novel, in which Great Aunt Jada is always going to their local café to write her murder mysteries, and Claudia to sketch the costumers.

It is also in a downtown area, directly across from the courthouse, and frequently visited by lawyers, discussing cases. Which they probably should not be discussing so loudly, but they do it and I overhear a lot about their opinions on certain judges and their rulings. 😆

The coffee shop is fantastic though. It’s an old creaky house, with large windows, generous light, and the walls are lined with art from local artist. They also have used books for sell and I found a pristine copy of Till We Have Faces one week hehe.

Great Aunt Jada was a heavy summer thunderstorm where she leaned forward over her typewriter, eyebrows pulled together like corners of the darkening sky and fingers flying across the keys like rain battering the window panes in Effy’s attic bedroom. Around her the cafe whirled with movement and fluttered with tangled conversations, invisible snaking trails of sticky sweet smells, and the sounds of laughter spread lightly like sprinkles on frosting. Yet it was a different world than her rough wind and roaring seas.

“Maybe we shouldn’t disturb her after all,” Achilles said quietly from a safe distance where they had paused by the door. “Even for a pastry or two.”

Effy nodded sagely. “She’s probably killing off a character by the looks of it. We should wait until the end of the scene. Come, let’s sit by the window so we can see when Claudia comes out of the shop.”

While I mentioned that I have finished my junior year of high school, I technically have two chemistry modules, fifteen math lessons, and about a full semester of Latin to catch up on. I got behind on the three big subjects earlier this semester with Mock Trial debate competitions and all that jazz taking over my life. However, for all intents and purposes, my weekly social get-togethers rooted in school are annulled and it’s summer. No more choir, mock trial, or classes. Which means I suddenly have a ton of free time to fill.

I have a few plans for the summer, however. One of them is to read all the books on my shelf that I haven’t read yet, excepting poetry collections. Currently I’m working through Little Dorrit. Among the reads to come, are Vanity Fair, Crime and Punishment, a non-fiction account of how elephants aided in World War II, and Till We Have Faces.

I’ll probably write up some mini reviews at the end of summer to crown that achievement.

(also have told myself not to buy any books this summer lol)

On a random note, work has been increasing with the wedding season. There are always rooms to clean at the venue, but my cleaning partner (who is utterly amazing and truly fantastic) is a few meager months from leaving for college. She and I spend a lot of time discussing literature, sharing essays, theorizing about how stories function and how they affect people, comparing tastes of music, and whatnot.

I took the picture of the flowers at work a few weeks ago, because they finally bloomed! (I’ve been waiting ever since August haha)

“S-someone tried to kidnap Frederick and P-pepper and Taffy!” The words were wild horses and tumbled over each other in an effort to stampede out of Effy’s mouth.

Uncle Herbert’s heavy footfall sounded on the steps and his strong hand rested on her shoulder. “Dear fierce little one,” he seemed to say with those hands, “remember to breathe.” 

Uncle Herbert Olson always smelled of the aged sea: salty, misty, and crisp. His hands were calloused and rough, his skin a deep brown of a lifetime spent roaming decks under the sun. Cradled in his voice too, even quiet, one could feel the tremor of power waiting to boom from it, ready to thunder forth to the heavens and shake the foundations of the seven continents and challenge plundering pirates to battle. Yet, still calming and mysterious. Though often terrifying, Effy found his presence calming and took a deep breath and slowed down.

Also boba tea! And poetry, listening to my vinyl player, and reading books suggested by friends.

Doomsday Book was the first book I have ever actually thrown across a room. And I was so mad I threw it twice, and refused to pick it back up for a full day.

Take that however you want to take it. 😆

(also apparently I have no concept of time? I think I might have read that in March but now I can’t remember lol)

“Everything that goes up, must come down,” Uncle Geoffrey said knowingly. He was always saying great philosophical things as if they were fact and should be written down and studied beneath a pair of academic spectacles in an old library, which turned the sayings into puzzles Effy was determined to find holes in.

“What about someone’s age?”

Uncle Geoffrey blinked then frowned. “That’s an abstract concept.”

“Isn’t all of philosophy just abstract concepts?” Effy said smugly. 

April is over now, though, and we are far into May. Though the first draft of The Rain Falls Up Beneath the Bridge is not complete, I’ve decided to take a break for this month. During April I found it fairly hard to force write it, but every once and a while I captured that little piece of whimsical, vibrant life I aim for, and it was very satisfying.

It also has been the first project I have sent snippets of to siblings and friends, on a random basis. I also ended up reading part of it to one of my sisters over coffee in a Panera. It was fun and she loved it, so that was encouraging. ❤

I think it’s the first writing project I’m actively excited about sharing and seeking to do so??

I have been enjoying some fantastic music this month. Spotify’s new update includes an active list of top songs per month and both April’s and May’s has been Sight by Sleeping at Last, which is my absolute favorite by him.

Beyond that, it’s been a lot of soundtracks, even more than usual (which is saying a lot xD).

All in all, April was on the busier side but very good. I’d like to think I’m learning new things, finding new friends, and spending my time making good things. 😆

How did your April go? How are your writing projects coming along? Do you have any summer plans?

27 thoughts on “April | pictures, writings, and little thoughts”

  1. Congratulations on your writing endeavors. My spring is going well so far. Found a beautiful yellow rose blooming by my doorstep this morning. I write a little from time to time but should definitely try out one of these writing projects you spoke of. Thanks for the good read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds truly lovely! What a nice way to start the day. 🙂
      Yes, you should look into the NaNoWriMo event. It can be motivating and helpful for writing projects, and especially first drafts.


  2. Ahhh I loved this so much! I’m so happy that your spring and your writing is going well! And those pictures were so aesthetic. 😍

    THOSE SNIPPETS. ❤ ❤ I especially love the one with Uncle Geoffrey. THAT WAS GOLD. 😆😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Elisha! I’m happy about it too lol.
      Awwww that’s sweet of you to say. Uncle Geoffrey is pretty great if I may so say haha. There’s another point where he is arguing about Marx with a couple of random workmen painting the side of the house. 😆


  3. me: “oh yay evelyn has posted! i think it would be so fun to go book hunting or thrifting with her again this summer!
    evelyn: “I have told myself not to buy any more books”
    me: “……….evelynnnnnnnnnnnn………..wannabuysomebooks……itlbegoodforyou…”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! lol for once I was on a walk at the precisely perfect time of day.
      It’s called Elephant Company. I haven’t read it yet but apparently there was a man who trained elephants to help in WWII? I found it used and for sale at my library and thought it sounded so interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This was just the type of post I needed to read, quaint and relaxing. Your little story snippets are so very delicious, Evelyn… let me know when you get published and I will buy your books in bulk : )
    That coffee shop sounds like bliss ^_^
    I also told myself not to buy any more books this summer… and I’m half-scared, half-relieved because my wallet will be so much happier but I will have to exercise a great deal of restraint on myself (that i’m not sure i have).
    Your pictures are beautiful, as always.
    I hope your day is lovely, Evelyn, thank you for the delightful read : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad Libby. That is what this post was supposed to be.
      Also the fact you called my story snippets ‘delicious’??? Made my day! ❤
      Yes, I relate much! Logically, it makes sense, right?? My schedule, my bookshelf, and my wallet are all saying no to more books.
      now…just…to….stick…to that promise lol
      Thank you Libby for your kind comment. : )

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks!! I’m so glad :))))
      Isn’t he amazing?? Sight is so good. And Saturn. And Son. And-
      Also the artist behind it has a podcast in which he talks about his songs and how he makes them. It’s truly quality content.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. okay if you stalked my activity on here it would be very obvious i’m attempting to catch up on a weird period of inactivity XD that being said, i saved this post to read and then reread because it was so much fun? i know your life must feel so normal to you and there’s obviously a gap between knowledge of author and audience, but these feel like a cup of warm tea and it’s a great feeling. 🙂

    ALSO you’re a choir kid?? that’s honestly some of the coolest stuff around. choir kids will always amuse me with how on pitch they are, or at least, sound, coming from a theater kid. also mock trial mock trial i hope that goes well! actually last week some of my friends dragged me to watch them compete at ncfca regionals, which was so intimidating, so i know enough to wish you well.

    what else was i gonna say? hmmm not much, but a lot of love your way

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha no worries, I wouldn’t have noticed in the least and yeah I have *totally* never done that myself ahaha XD
      aw thanks Jo. You know sometimes I feel like my life is pretty cool, but most of the time it feels mostly just like a snail with low IQ hanging out in a throwaway plastic tubbawear container instead of doing anything remotely impressive or interesting or useful ~~ so that’s encouraging to hear lol

      okay first I might be a choir kid, but being on pitch is not necessarily my forte (*nervous laughter behind pun*) AND then second you meet the REAL choir kids who have perfect pitch and man they are SCARY and I try not to even talk around them because if anything is a magical super ability on earth it’s having perfect pitch and you feel awful for opening your mouth because most of the time they wince and cringe and you wonder if you sound like fingernails on a scratch board every time you breathe. *sweats*

      hey thanks! it did! so that’s cool (:
      yeahhhh ncfca is pretty cool, though depending on the events, some are more intimidating than others (I’ve never participated myself, but I have been to many tournaments to watch and help out?). the truth is, I’m a bit of an imposter debate kid. 😉 mock trial has a lot more to do with team work, drama and acting, than with my-quote-from-this-article-can-beat-up-your-quote-from-that-lame-article type of jazz lol

      thanks jo 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This whole post is so pretty and happy and I LOVE it.
    tHe sNipPeTs tHo. They are genuinely amazing. (My fav was the paragraph of Uncle Geoffrey and Effy. 😂❤️)
    please. give us more if you find the chance. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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