Two Poems

Heyoo friends, this week has been quite a bit busy as it’s week of mock trial state competition, so I decided to share these two poems I’ve written recently, instead of skipping out of posting all together. I hope they make you smile and maybe stop to notice the sunset tonight.

Until next week! (:

~ evelyn ~

angels fought to bring you breath

angels fought to bring you breath
first cupping your fresh peeled cheeks,
she kissed your cry with salty tears.

an angel caressed warmth into your limbs
arms strong and scarred like ancient cities
but they were softest with you and
rocked away your new found fears
found new with the world birthed open

rough were the angel’s hands and heavy were her anxious eyes
but when they smiled, they smiled as a hugged sunrise, 
squinted corners and crinkled nose
with colored cream and warm spreading rose.

like the soil in the garden, enveloping womb - home -
she held your heart for long enough so you could be your own
she fed your soul with songs you still in memory hear
but an angel’s hair blossoms in whiter plumes every year

for the angel who fought to bring you breath
filled your cracks with her broken pieces of wealth

this evening

this evening with solemnest ceremony, the sun drapes herself for supper
in darkest shade of haze and veils all her warm honey skin up her
limbs and weighing them in deep dusky blue but wordless on why
as if the gray grain of endless February is not grim enough to defy.

slowly with slender pink fingers the sun laces herself up
with a long coat and darkened firs to the pale strip of exposed neck
Venus is first to appear - the sole gem framed in the valley curve of her collarbone
then spreading with stars from her vanity box scatters a dusting of diamond stones

snow like colored powder brushed off her lifeless cheek
falls ever gently as she fades with words she will never speak
certainly I never heard the night approach,
but the moon finishes: a glistening broach.

19 thoughts on “Two Poems”

  1. These are both so breathtakingly beautiful. Oh, my goodness, I read them about three times and loved them more each time. ❤
    Especially this line: "then spreading with stars from her vanity box scatters a dusting of diamond stones"

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  2. I don’t know what to say except that your poetry fills me with the sense that life is so very fragile and broken and full of sorrow but there is so much beauty in it that we will never fully understand.

    Liked by 1 person

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