Five things I wish I could make

There is always a running list of arts and sciences I wish I had talent for, but there have recently been a few that have really stood out as things I want to learn eventually. I think that the different facets of art are so neat, especially when it brings art into everyday things, which some of these definitely do!

#1. linocut prints + stamps

source: Pinterest

I’ve always used a lot of stamps, in card making and, recently, gift wrapping, and so linocuts is something I’ve been intrigued by. I love the quirky look of the rough edges, and the inked texture (if that makes any sense?) A couple months ago I bought some rubber blocks and the cutting tools and have started teaching myself, though I have a long way to go haha.

And if I ever became good enough, I think a poetry anthology with linocut illustrations would be gorgeous.

#2. animated poetry videos

AH. This video though! I love this poem (one of my favorites!) and the animated art that they put to it fits it perfectly. I adore the style and the fact they recorded Wendell Berry himself for this project. I have watched it multiple times and I only wish I could make something like it myself! How cool would it be to work with poets to make things like this?

I also think that it is a wonderful way to share poetry with people who do not not necessarily read poetry often. As well as sharing in a way how a certain poem has affected one’s own views or life. Even though I had both read and heard The Peace of Wild Things many times, seeing and hearing it in a new light was lovely.

another example: We Real Cool

#3. digital paintings

source: Pinterest

Digital paintings have such a fascinating look and texture to them. I have played around with digital art a tiny bit in the recent past, but would love to really learn it. It seems like a more forgiving medium than acrylic paints, given the fact that one does not have to worry about drying paint or major clean-up afterwards haha.

(also much easier to transport than an acrylic painting? also could spend a day at a coffee shop painting digitally? boy, I really wish I knew what I was doing xD)

#4. murals

source: Pinterest

Honestly, the idea of painting a mural is overwhelming just to think about (and how public a place to make a mistake!?), but I think they are so cool! I love how it brings color and art to something mundane and commonplace. Our downtown commissioned a local artist to paint a mural a year or so ago. 🙂

also shout out to Chalice who has actually painted murals… how cool is that??

#5. pottery

Every time I spend a night at my sister’s apartment, I am reminded of why I want to learn how to make pottery. One of my sister’s roommates’ sister (sorry that was unnecessarily confusing… the sister of one of my sister’s roommates? is that better?) took a ceramics class in college and so their cabinet is full of gorgeous mugs and soup bowls, all unique and lovely, all of deep rich colors.

I think it is a beautiful collection, and wouldn’t a one-of-a-kind hand-made mug be an amazing gift for friends and family??

Have you dabbled in any of these arts? What skills would you like to learn?

12 thoughts on “Five things I wish I could make”

  1. I would love to learn pottery as well! I like how it’s an art form that produces things people can use every day. It’s very inspiring to me to think of all the neat things there are to learn, so thanks for this post!

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      1. Ooh, so many things. Mainly I want to learn a bunch more musical instruments (I know piano and flute, and I’m trying to learn guitar rn). I also want to learn how to actually draw and paint decently some day, and maybe wood carving… And I want to improve my singing and acting a lot, which I think counts as art. 😉

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