five favorite studio vlogs

Hello friends! Today I’m going to share five of my favorite studio channels. In general, I find that I can get lost in a good studio vlog, watching an artist and his/her creative process, but these are five I follow consistently. They are all unique in their own way, but wonderful. I like to watch them with a cup of coffee or while sketching as a way to decompress and find inspiration – especially amidst the busyness of college.

(a post about life at college might be coming soon… but this is what i felt like sharing today haha)

#1. Baumgartner Restoration

One of my dear friends introduced me to this channel when I visited her in Hawaii and thanks to her, I was entirely obsessed. I continued binge-watching them when I returned home and forced my brothers to watch them with me. They are a fascinating look at modern art conservation – something I knew nothing about before this channel. It is truly mesmerizing and so soulfully satisfying to watch Julian transform violently abused pieces of art to their prior glory. He is very educated and eloquent, often musing about the purpose of art, which feels very edifying – also jazz and classical music are a definite plus haha.

#2. Valerie Lin

Valerie is such a lovely artist. She lives in Berlin, Germany and her vlogs are full of thoughtful creativity, a pursuit of capturing beautiful things, and living with delight. She often shares her travels to different museums. Her voice is so calm and I adore her art, which is colorful and inspiring. I always feel refreshed after watching one of her videos.

#3. Kat Schneider

Kat creates the best comics, postcards, and riso prints. Her art is quirky and groovy, featuring things like ducks, toads, pigeons, existential crises, and artists being artists. One day I want to own one of her t-shirt designs. Also, if she ever publishes a graphic novel, I will buy it in a heartbeat.

#4. lemoncholy

Lemoncholy is a graphic designer and animator, who does not post often, but her videos are always stunning. Her style is immaculate and every video is artistic on a whole different level. Her one week film project, Dinner, is just. utterly. amazing.

#5. lovesoup

This is the channel of an illustrator living in Japan, which means it includes, not just amazing art, but incredible food, noodles, mochi, match tea, and other snapshots of Japanese culture.

Have you heard of these artists before? Who are the artists you follow on YouTube? What do you watch to find inspiration?

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