17 Things I've Learned and Earned from Competing in Mock Trial

This past week I stumbled upon some dozen, old half-drafted posts, as one does. Most of them are book reviews, but there was also some musings over Dickens, rants about old classics, thoughts on common writing advice, and a few scattered art dumps. And then there was the one about "mock trial." I know this… Continue reading 17 Things I've Learned and Earned from Competing in Mock Trial

Two Tags | a q&a session

After my absence, it's nice to return and have some tags to play with, so here's a little q&a session. I can't catch up with ever single tag I have been tagged for and so apologies for those I miss. My hasty records of tags were not sufficient. Some I have lost, some I only… Continue reading Two Tags | a q&a session

Last Minute Musings of the Courtroom Poet

Tomorrow I march with my team into battle. It's hard to summarize the experience of a full day of competition (I spent thirty minutes trying to explain it to two team mates the other day starting with the moment you wake before dawn and with numb fingers put on your suit to the moment the… Continue reading Last Minute Musings of the Courtroom Poet

Untitled Jazz

so this is different, but listen. the floor is underratedpeople are amazingcolorful pens are fantastic for taking biology notes and parsing latin sentences. i've never looked back. dry erase markers + mirror are handy and make a fun toythis keith green song has been stuck in my head all last weeknow my mirror is completely… Continue reading Untitled Jazz

Why Kermit Is My New Best Friend + Looking On the Bright Side

I have returned! Hither from a magical land of falafels, wedding cake, and cousins. I was told I should write a story about falafels gone wrong, but unfortunately, I was absent from the kitchen when the woeful event occurred and only heard tale of it later when I was asked to step out of the… Continue reading Why Kermit Is My New Best Friend + Looking On the Bright Side