Favorite Books Read 2021

As one year settles and another begins (altogether much too fast - is it already February?), I reminisce on what at first felt like little change. But slowly peeling back the months like orange slices to study and digest, I began to realize just how much has happened this past year. I did not read… Continue reading Favorite Books Read 2021

Favorite Reads | 2o2o

Dear readers, here is a friendly preliminary message to inform you that this post was to be a scheduled post. Shocking, I know, but don't take it too personally. This post was written late in the night from an airport December 31, 2020 while waiting for a plane to take her from one state to… Continue reading Favorite Reads | 2o2o

Summer Readings | mini reviews

In mid May I got the urge to read lots of books. This always comes around at the end of spring or the beginning of summer, when the trees are bursting with green, the sky is blue, and the air is filled with possibilities of things to do. (I promise that wasn’t supposed to rhyme.)… Continue reading Summer Readings | mini reviews