Some very neat artists and pieces of art I find interesting

Lately I have been finding and stumbling across some very neat artists with very neat things they do and I've been sharing them with friends and realized I could make a list and share them here as a sort of collage of beautiful things. David Braud's family portraits have marvelous Norman Rockwell flavor which I… Continue reading Some very neat artists and pieces of art I find interesting

Bookbinder Poetry | collab with Emma from Seven Billion Smiles

Hulloooo and happy Monday! Today I have the wonderful pleasure of collaborating with the lovely Emma from Seven Billion Smiles. She started this blog with her younger sisters which to this day is one of my absolute favorites. Their drawings and poetry are gorgeous and conversations are always so refreshing. I find myself thinking back… Continue reading Bookbinder Poetry | collab with Emma from Seven Billion Smiles

Preptober Prompts Day 14

I hope you're having a lovely Thursday this fine morning. Today's Preptober Prompt is If your character could change one thing about themselves overnight, what would they change? I think Zeb would wish that he was a optimist. He despises those of false cheer, but sometimes he despairs that maybe ignorance is bliss. This actually… Continue reading Preptober Prompts Day 14

Preptober Prompts Day 12

Happy Tuesday all! In case you missed yesterday's introductory post to this week's event, Preptober Prompts, you can catch up here. Essentially, each day this week I'm posting a different prompt relating to the category of character and the topic of change in order to help you think through whatever writing project you're currently working… Continue reading Preptober Prompts Day 12