The Simple Things Tag

If there was anyone who I would call the Sun-Drenched Writer, it would definitely be my wonderful cousin Camille who loves sunflowers, plants, the color yellow, and just about anything bright or cheery. She also has created what is now I favorite tag ever. (And I get the bragging rights to be tagged first muhahaha)… Continue reading The Simple Things Tag

Who Knew This Was a Trilogy? || liebster award 3.0

Hello my friends! Another Friday another day I open my doors and invite you in for a chat. Today is a little interview from Chalice. aka the Liebster Award. This thing spreads like wildfires, as it was written in the rules: Rules: Thank the person who nominated you and display the award. Thank you Chalice! :DAnswer… Continue reading Who Knew This Was a Trilogy? || liebster award 3.0

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10 little (somewhat random) things to do on a rainy day

Today the sky seems to be stolen from a 1950s film: Blurry gray. No blue. Rainy days sometimes can be disheartening being stuck inside with little natural light and a yellow glare from your bedroom lamp, but there are always things to do none the less. And maybe it isn't the fact that there aren't… Continue reading 10 little (somewhat random) things to do on a rainy day

Returning From an Afternoon Swim {poetry}

Shoes squish and splutter across the muddy grass-pressed bank. With every step my sockless toes are washed and sprayed like dirty dishes in the sink. The water squeezed back and forth recycling remnants of Mr. McDowell’s pond into a natural green clean machine. I feel that I can wiggle my toes inside their slobbering cases… Continue reading Returning From an Afternoon Swim {poetry}