8.31.19 | pros to hiking at 4 a.m.

It is pitchblack and you can see the constellations The four-lane highway is empty and forgotten The air is chilly and cool The crickets are deafening You never see another soul Deer pass you The entire walk you can untangle the knotted threads in your mind At the top the valley is filled with twinkling… Continue reading 8.31.19 | pros to hiking at 4 a.m.

surviving a book shopping spree 101

We had planned it three different times. And every time something came up. Like a fair. Or a wedding. Or school-preparing. And/or we just plan forgot, because well... we're us. My friend (who, for the purpose of this post and future posts, shall be given her rightful name of Eeyore) and I on the last… Continue reading surviving a book shopping spree 101

The Beauty of Words

Some people collect stamps. Others collect rocks or trinkets or magnets or keychains: things to remember places by or things to set on their shelf and admire. I collect words. But words aren’t quite as tangible as a rare rock or gold trophy, right? Words are almost abstract. Can you touch words? Can you taste… Continue reading The Beauty of Words

Traffic in the City {poetry}

Like a flock of startled birds flapping out their wings for flight umbrellas in the crowd open wide. They bob like bottles in a stream, colors catching eyes but secrets corked inside. The taxi drivers honk like geese & grab which fish they can, pluck one up then drag it off with squeals and round… Continue reading Traffic in the City {poetry}

Why Kermit Is My New Best Friend + Looking On the Bright Side

I have returned! Hither from a magical land of falafels, wedding cake, and cousins. I was told I should write a story about falafels gone wrong, but unfortunately, I was absent from the kitchen when the woeful event occurred and only heard tale of it later when I was asked to step out of the… Continue reading Why Kermit Is My New Best Friend + Looking On the Bright Side