Preptober Prompts Day 14

I hope you're having a lovely Thursday this fine morning. Today's Preptober Prompt is If your character could change one thing about themselves overnight, what would they change? I think Zeb would wish that he was a optimist. He despises those of false cheer, but sometimes he despairs that maybe ignorance is bliss. This actually… Continue reading Preptober Prompts Day 14

Exquisite Corpse Poetry: The Poem Itself

Last week everyone was invited to contribute a line of poetry for an exquisite corpse poem. Thanks to everyone who participated! Here is the resulting piece: No one talks about the sky.Elephants yawn at the inky sky,Color pulses behind their closed eyes.Rabbits are a gift from God.I'll give the moon a hug.A donkey brayed across… Continue reading Exquisite Corpse Poetry: The Poem Itself

You Are Invited: Exquisite Corpse Poetry

Hello friends! I recently was introduced to the poetry game called The Exquisite Corpse. The basic idea is to form a collaborative poem that is written by multiple people without any idea what the previous lines hold or say. I have played the drawing version, in which players fold pieces of paper and sketch horrors… Continue reading You Are Invited: Exquisite Corpse Poetry

Of Books and Binders and Book Binder Poetry

Good morning! It's a beautiful Friday and we are back with our next installment of Evelyn-finds-something-neat-about-poetry-and-comes-to-share-it on The Rain-Drenched Writer! Or, as my dad would say, "Have you heard Evelyn's new poem? She didn't write a single word!" Well, I am sure we are all glad to be here. If you are new to these… Continue reading Of Books and Binders and Book Binder Poetry

How To Bond With A Unicorn // a writing prompt

I'm sure you've always wondered how to bond with your friendly, local, neighborhood unicorn, and here's your once-in-a-life-time chance to learn! 😉 Writing prompts can be fun little breaks for me when up to my eyes in a long writing project. At least, as long as that's all it is: A fun little break. I… Continue reading How To Bond With A Unicorn // a writing prompt