Bookbinder Poetry | collab with Emma from Seven Billion Smiles

Hulloooo and happy Monday!

Today I have the wonderful pleasure of collaborating with the lovely Emma from Seven Billion Smiles. She started this blog with her younger sisters which to this day is one of my absolute favorites. Their drawings and poetry are gorgeous and conversations are always so refreshing. I find myself thinking back to their art often, and I recently had the wonderful chance to meet Emma and her siblings in person(!!) and I can confirm: they are just as cool as they are on their blog if not more.

Well we decided to post some bookbinder poetry with each other as part of her series of collab with other artists due to common request among her readers.

For a little context, bookbinder poetry is a type of found poetry. You simply take a stack of books and arrange their titles into a short poem.

Here are my three poems.

walk to beautiful.
hope was here
every fixed star;
all along you were blooming.

the borrowers:
catching their talk in a box.

inside out & back again
all the light we cannot see.

And that’s all the bookbinder poetry I have for you BUT now we get to look at Emma’s (and hers are a m a z i n g).

come celebrate with me
the roar on the other side,
the luxury of words,
the tiny journalist,
the naming of names.

a tangled web
after many years,
poetry for the earth:
my garden.

the lightest, heaviest things:
the view from Saturday,
each little bird that sings,
a wind in the door.

Aren’t hers lovely?? For starters the covers are gorgeous and the colors are beautiful. Aaahhhhh πŸ’›πŸ’›

But I also adore the way they each give a happy vivid little glimpse at something. Such as an invitation from a poet, welcoming you into their space on the other side where they name names.

Or the image of a the gift of poetry that can water and refresh. At least that’s what comes to mind with the second poem.

And the final gives me an image of waking up on a Saturday morning with so much possibility of beautiful things to fill your day with and good things to do.

Have you ever made bookbinder poetry? Where’s your favorite place to find inspiration for your poems? Which of Emma’s poems are your favorite? (I personally can’t decide)

34 thoughts on “Bookbinder Poetry | collab with Emma from Seven Billion Smiles”

  1. how is it that such small and simple things can bring so much peace and beauty to the world?
    *hugs this post*
    *hugs you*
    *hugs the world*
    thank you for sharing little bits of your poetry with us, evelyn. they are marvelous…i love them.
    now have some chocolate, dear, and stop trying to make me cry.

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  2. Ahhhhh, these are so cool! I was staring at my bookshelf the other day like, “Hey, what if I stacked up different books and made poems out of the titles?” I had no idea that was actually a thing XD I love them ALL, but especially the first one and the second to last one πŸ™‚

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