Some very neat artists and pieces of art I find interesting

Lately I have been finding and stumbling across some very neat artists with very neat things they do and I’ve been sharing them with friends and realized I could make a list and share them here as a sort of collage of beautiful things.

  1. David Braud’s family portraits have marvelous Norman Rockwell flavor which I find fascinating. I love Norman Rockwell’s style and I feel like his work encompasses a modern feel of the same wonderful-ness.
  2. I had no idea what ornitographies were until Annie told me about them and introduced me to Xavi Bou’s work. Ornitographies are his work of capturing in a single photo, the shapes birds generate when flying, making visible the invisible. I think my favorites are the very first one over the water and the one on the tree though I each time I start looking through them and I’m blown away and left in awe. The flight of the birds are gorgeous.
  3. Another thing I’ve been hooked on recently is the Molehill Podcast. It’s a very new podcast from The Rabbit Room (a organization based out of Nashville of writers, musicians, and other artists). The idea behind this podcast is sharing art read/sung/recited by the original artists. Each episode has a poem or two to start it, a featured piece (a short story, an article, a collection of poems, a excerpt from a memoir) and then a couple more poems and then “words of befuddlement” to end it. I love hearing art read by original artists. I think it’s their best podcast so far.
  4. Opera singers. A friend who has become a opera snob this year (I say that with the most loving tone possible ;)) has finally gotten me to watch an opera and I must say I am very impressed with the skill of a good opera singer. They don’t use mics and yet they sing like that for two whole hours. I don’t have anything specific to point you to here but I thought that was worth mentioning.
  5. Steve McCury’s STUNNING work. You’ve probably seen some of his photographs and not known really who took them. His work has been featured in the National Graphic (and been the cover) more than one time. My sister-in-law has this huge, lovely coffee table book of his photographs from Afghanistan. It blew me away. The way he captures souls and entire stories in just one shot. Just… w o w.
  6. The game, Dixit, (which fun fact is Latin for “He/she/it said”) has the most fascinating art. Some friends introduced the game to my family and when we played it my siblings told me the art looks like the kind of art I would make. It’s very surreal and strange and colorful and showcases the most strange, imaginative, and whimsical arrange and mix of items. For example, a girl’s dress being a cello and she plays it. A very mysterious man stealing an uprooted tree. A castle flying off under a hot air balloon. An escaping prisoner from a bared window in a giant snail’s shell. A boy blowing bubbles that turn into planets in the sky. It’s the kind of art I want to know the story behind and so I could stare at it for hours.
  7. Speaking of game art, it’s been something I have been noticing a lot this year and Wingspan’s art is simply gorgeous. By Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez. A couple weeks ago I looked into it and every single card’s art is done large scale through colored pencils with the most elaborate details. Their work of course reminds me of John James Audubon’s work.
  8. Heigh-Ho! Mozart – Favorite Disney Tunes in the Style of Great Classical Composers. This album is brilliant even if the idea behind it is straightforward. Someone took songs from Disney movies and rewrote each of them for orchestra in the style of a different composer. My sister introduced this one to me and I was able to guess the inspiring composer for a couple of the songs (Handel, Mozart, etc.). They are true to the composer’s style and really mess with your mind because they sound like they were composed ages ago in yet you’re humming things like “I’m just a little black rain cloud.” Great respect to whoever thought of this and then made it and made it so insanely well.
  9. Society of Visual Storytelling’s podcast (The Three Point Perspective Podcast) and their contests. I have been obsessing over both this week which comes in the form of spending my free time listening to the first and digging through the latter. The podcast features three very prominent illustrators (including one of my favorite artists Lee White, and also the illustrator who started Inktober) holding an hour+ long discussion based off of a letter from an art student. I listened to Finding a Mentor (their latest episode) and then decided I need to go back and listen from the starting one. There are so many things I love about it. They are very easy to listen too, have great antidotes, give practical advice, but also address big picture stuff. And each episode comes with a ridiculously entertaining illustrations. As for the contests, the submissions are a m a z i n g. Here are some examples: “isolation” and “she heard them talking about her” and “slowvember.”

What interesting things would you mention if you made a list of random artists and pieces of art that you have been thinking about lately? Did you like this post? (the chances of me doing another is very high haha) Which thing I shared did you find most interesting?

13 thoughts on “Some very neat artists and pieces of art I find interesting”

    1. I didn’t even know how to describe his work.
      Just… for lack of a better word, wow. Again.
      I think there’s an entire life in each of his photos. Maybe even an entire soul.
      It honestly was my pleasure sharing. 💛


  1. Ooh, I’ve played Dixit a couple times with friends! I totally agree; the art is cool on so many levels. And the game itself is so fun. All your random inside jokes become useful. 😂
    Wow, I love the ornitographies. It’s so beautiful and unique.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s true! Haha. Dixit works well with inside jokes.
      I love how stuffed with words and art and inspiration and creativity the game is. In a very wonderfully simplistic way as well.
      Aren’t they so lovely?
      I’m glad you like looking at them too. (:

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AH, I’m so glad you liked those photos.
    You’re right, the work by Steve McCury is stunning.
    Ohh, I knew the game Wingspan sounded familiar! I read a profile about it in the New York Times months ago — I think last year? Probably in math class.
    I LOVE the illustrations linked in number 9 — especially the moon drawing and Li Xin’s other piece with the dragons.
    Yes, I would love to see another post like this :))

    Liked by 1 person

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