Preptober Prompts Day 12

Happy Tuesday all! In case you missed yesterday's introductory post to this week's event, Preptober Prompts, you can catch up here. Essentially, each day this week I'm posting a different prompt relating to the category of character and the topic of change in order to help you think through whatever writing project you're currently working… Continue reading Preptober Prompts Day 12

Thoughts On Dialogues | both the fictional and non fictional kind

On Monday I shall present for my class by memory a Socratic dialogue I have written. I have always found writing new things interesting, whether it be puzzling over a new poetry forms, reorganizing preexistent phrases as seen in bookbinder poetry, or experimenting with different point of views and tenses in a scene. Writing a… Continue reading Thoughts On Dialogues | both the fictional and non fictional kind

How To Bond With A Unicorn // a writing prompt

I'm sure you've always wondered how to bond with your friendly, local, neighborhood unicorn, and here's your once-in-a-life-time chance to learn! 😉 Writing prompts can be fun little breaks for me when up to my eyes in a long writing project. At least, as long as that's all it is: A fun little break. I… Continue reading How To Bond With A Unicorn // a writing prompt