more readings.

there are so many other people you should (virtually) meet! and i’m probably forgetting someone but here’s a start…

emma, eve, and eden star

emma is a utter delight, every one of eve’s atoms are specs of fairy dust, and eden is also so imaginative and talented. their mission statement says it all: “There are approximately seven billion people on earth, and each person is hurting and in need of healing. We aspire to reflect the sense of  joy and hope that God gives us, through His grace, in our doodles and poetry, spreading God’s healing shalom until we can see seven billion smiles.” love love love their art ❤


no one writes like clara. it feels like you’re in any old room talking to her but also the dust in the air is actually sweet and you want to catch it on your tongue, and that the discarded candy wrapper in the corner is actually a piece of art, and dirty dishes piled on a sink is what makes a house a home. still absolutely adore her collage of light and her picture of found things, not to mention a million other galaxies she shares

story sponge

story sponge is so cool, and has the best posts rambling about characters/musicals/books and how epic/wrong/amazing/needy they are. even just her post titles crack me up


maya is such a cool person. she’s got great taste, posts a lot, and writes high fantasy. her posts are always fascinating, they are a such blast as well as her email list. her characters are amazing and i love reading about em.

ryan elizabeth

ryan is the sweetest fellow boba-tea/studio ghibli enthusiast. she is writing an AMAZING novel, September Stars, and her posts are also so cozy and happy.

eden anderson

eden’s ramblings are the best thing ever, so don’t let her talk them down. she’s got a marvelous judgement of what it means to have fun, a fantastic way of explaining things, an on-point taste of good books, and all the while she’s pouring sunshine out and just herself. so go give her pizza cake and adorable pictures of hedgehogs.


think very journalistic, engaging, and fresh. she talks about a lot of non-fiction stories and books she reads – the kind of books you don’t hear about often on the writer blogging spheres such as biographical, satire, or unique classics – and often ropes her friends into her posts which i personally think is super cool. she also talks about music, movies, podcasts, journaling, how to talk to strangers, how to talk to acquaintances, things to do with friends, and even politics.


kenechi is such an awesome person, and despite what she says, good at art. she’s also funny, talented at writing flash fiction, and suggests great books to read. go give her an elephant or some mushrooms. i’m proud to be a cheerio *salutes*


chalice is a very hard working talented human being who is joyous about sharing art, which is lovely and very lionhearted. she’s also very funny and kind. i can’t wait to see her illustrations in a book. they are gorgeous.


listening to the sky is a fantastic blog by my fren kailey (who yes i know in real life ;)) picture reading poetry and having deep conversations on the cliff of an ocean and that’s her blog.

and yes: one of my other friends (who I desperately want to be when I grow up) also started a blog. bless yourself and look.