found poetry | part 4

Found Poetry is a delicious way to create snippets of thought and warm up one’s creative muscles. There are often those weeks for me when I feel the desperate need to cling to even the smallest such phrases in order to at least make something. A few times they bloom into full poems, other times they do not even need to.

I have been trying to accept that some weeks will naturally lend themselves to be weeks of knowing exactly what I want to write and getting it done, while the next might be a frantic rush of muddled feelings plastered over loose notebook paper in uneven, warped lines of disproportionate scrawl. Most of them being words I won’t use again; thoughts to discard.

In the former, found poetry helps pry space for new ideas, in the latter, it gives me a place to simply to start. And sometimes you need to give yourself the grace as an artist to start simple and be messy.

22 thoughts on “found poetry | part 4”

  1. ALL THE LOVE < 3 < 3
    "maybe we ought to try
    the first step in a journey
    To dream of all the happy days
    Through the long evening"
    my favorite.

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