Scones, strawberries, and colors

This is no baking blog and yet I bake, and baking is most definitely an art. As with many things, preparing meals is rather an established and ordinary sort of task. Yet, it is a valid and generous facet through which to bring art into the mundane everyday habits of living. That said, I do not bake much (haha).

For the past couple months my dad and I have been spending one day a week at a local coffeeshop. We’re quite the Tuesday regulars now, and have a lovely little routine that includes ordering one of two lattes, and a scone. Which brings me to the point… a few weeks ago I had the urge to try my hand at making fresh scones myself and thus enjoyed a nice summer afternoon project with it.

I was struck by the colors throughout the process and happily enough, my lemon-glazed, strawberry poppy seed scones turned out decently first try, so I took lots of pictures.

The wonderful thing about this form of art is that the product is instantly consumable, accepted as sharable, and nourishing.

If all goes well of course. πŸ˜‰

For those further interested: this is the recipe I used.

My family asked if I was going to post about the scones I made. Consider this my answer. πŸ˜‰

What do you like to order at cafes and coffeeshops? Have you ever tried to make it yourself?

21 thoughts on “Scones, strawberries, and colors”

  1. I’m incredibly late, but oh those look so delicious.
    I recently started working at Panera so…..s c o n e s. & so many baked goodies. XD You’ve definitely inspired me to bake something myself!

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