…and so it snowed

Last Wednesday it snowed six inches and it was lovely. I drove for the first time in sleet and snow, and now many days later there is still snow every where. This is an old poem of mine (probably my only good snow poem) and some pictures from this week for you all.

Merry Christmas!

I woke in worlds of winter white
In phantom flurries from the night,
Of fairytales and dreams come true
With lots of things that we could do.

We’ll walk along the icy lanes.
Hand in hand we’ll watch the trains.
They’ll move across the frozen world,
Their puffs of smoke a slow gray swirl.

We’ll take the path down to the creek.
We’ll hold our breaths and take a peek
To see the graceful, gentle deer
Turn its head when we are near.

In the end, we’ll head back home,
To take back up our dusty tome,
And share a mug before the fire,
As we listen to the advent choir.

P.S. enjoy some Christmas music! Jesus Child | Christmas is Coming | What Child is This? | Lo, How A Rose Ere Blooming

P.P.S a friend illustrated one of my poems. ❤

40 thoughts on “…and so it snowed”

  1. I’m convinced that snow is one of the purest and most magical of natural occurrences on earth.
    Your pictures are so pretty and cozy and I loved the ones with the deer! Your poem is beautiful…it feels very peaceful. ❤️
    Also, Christmas choir music is just the BEST. 😊

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    1. It really is. 😭❤️

      Aww thank you my friend. We get a lot of deer and that one happened to be standing there in the right place at the right time.

      ISNT IT
      do you have any favorites to introduce me too? 🙃

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      1. I love the Coventry Carol by Libera and the Sussex Carol by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
        There is an album by the Boston Camerata called An American Christmas and it may very well be my absolute favorite Christmas album. I’ve listened to it all my life, so nostalgia, y’know…but it really just is a wonderful performance. I love how it captures the whole scope of the gospel, from the prophecy Jesus’ coming, to his birth, and eternity…I love how meaningful the lyrics are. AND THE MUSIC IS JUST aaahhhhhhhhh!!! A few of my favorites are: Watchman of Zion, A Christmas Hymn, The Midnight Cry, Sherburne…and just…all of them. 😊 If you listen to it, please tell me because I know like ZERO other people who are familiar with it. 😄

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      1. Yes yes yessss

        I love to sing Silent Night in a simple hymn arrangement with the choir and then sing the tenor line an octave higher one one of the verses IT’S MAGICAL

        Also Lo How A Rose might be my favorite—it’s super gorgeous in the original German. :))

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  2. Ahhhhh snow! I’m slightly jealous now. 😜 We usually have tons of snow by now, but not a single flake has fallen yet! Well, some has, but it hasn’t been to stay. So, to all of our remorse, we will not be having a White Christmas this year. These lovely pics have cheered me, though. It’s so pretty!
    And as for you poem….
    I l o v e i t. ❤ It's wonderful. It feels exactly like all the good things about winter. ❤ ❤

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  3. Oh my GOODNESS. I love this. The title intrigued me deeply, and I was not disappointed. The photos are so pleasingly snowy and the poem feels at once modern and classic.

    Wow, this feels like a better comment than I usually leave

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  4. Evelyn, I just wanted to tell you that I started this Netflix show today (it’s called Connected!), and in it, I learned that veery birds can PREDICT how severe the hurricane season will be. These researches put together data on when they started migrating and realized sometimes there were week long differences between when they would leave from year to year. And then they realized when they left earlier, the hurricane season that year would be more severe.

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    1. No wayyyy, that’s really cool. Wow. It makes me wonder if there were every any old tales/legends somewhere in the world where folks picked up on it. It sounds like the basis of an old saying or wives’ tale. “When the birds leave early, tighten your tents”
      Something like that. XD
      (Also I am flattered you thought of me lol thank you.)

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  5. I love this evelyn 🙂 it snowed a couple inches over here in VA too, although it didn’t last very long! but any snow is special in when it comes in december 🙂 your poem was lovely and the pictures complemented it perfectly! ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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