Preptober Prompts Day 14

I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday this fine morning.

Today’s Preptober Prompt is If your character could change one thing about themselves overnight, what would they change?

I think Zeb would wish that he was a optimist. He despises those of false cheer, but sometimes he despairs that maybe ignorance is bliss. This actually plays into the story as he tries to go back to his old life and finds the past is truly the past and things won’t ever be the same as they once where. Not truly.

Charlie would wish she could understand people better. She’s always trying, failing, and through it stepping on a lot of toes. She feels like she can’t reach most people and it makes it feel like she’s a failure and more obnoxious and sappy than helpful and genuine. She’s always worried that she’s wearing rose colored glasses and that it’s true when people tell her “You’ll never understand.”

Sam would want a stronger sense of strategy. He tries to do a lot of impossible things and goes against the odds but he often feels like no matter what he does, it won’t work. So he would want to change that by either 1. gaining more power (actually I could 100% see him as a superhero type haha) or 2. best grasp of strategy/a larger field of knowledge.

As for some of my other characters, such as Stephen, my poor undeveloped little fellow, and Walter (whom I thought I understood but I can’t think for the life of me think of an answer to this question for him) …I have no idea. I’ll have to keep thinking about it in relation to them.

I think this question is closely related to not just a character’s goals but their motive, which is often the power that causes them to act or not act, and their values, which are the core elements of people/characters.

If your character could change one thing about themselves overnight, what would they change?

9 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 14”

  1. Leafman would make himself noticeable, based on his perception that everyone ignores him. Is that actually his issue? No. But it’s definitely what he would change.
    Elk would wish he could understand his siblings better, since he currently feels like he’s not always the best or most present older brother.

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  2. Lotro would want his leg to be healed. I’m trying to think of something to do with his character, but can’t and realized that’s rather telling… he thinks all his problems would be solved if he weren’t crippled. πŸ˜‚
    Runawin would want to be braver and more confident. She has a lot of plans and dreams, but hardly anyone is supporting her, and that gives her a lot of doubts. Loya would want to be free from guilt over what she’s done. Dayetra would want the ability to make good decisions under pressure.

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    1. lol guess you’ll have to change that. πŸ˜‰
      (haha I was so insanely happy when I saw your comment and I was like yes. this prompt thing works and it’s helping people discover more things about their characters πŸ˜† )
      Great answers for all of them!

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  3. I love this one. πŸ™‚
    At the start, Neil wouldn’t change a thing. He’s so entrenched in bad habits/feelings etc. he thinks he’s just right – the only thing he’d do is resurrect his fiancee who died some ten or fifteen years before. (Well, she didn’t really, but that’s another story πŸ˜‰ ) A bit later on he’d probably change himself and get out of the mindset of selfishness etc. that keeps him the way he is.
    Adira would make it so that she could read her friends’ emotions as well as she can strangers – the more she knows someone, the more her judgement is clouded by her connection to them, so she can’t actually understand the tiny tiny cues she sees in strangers.
    Emily would probably not change – she’s too scared of growing up. I mean she does grow up in a few years and then starts to move away from Adira’s shadow, but still.
    Tom would get rid of his illness and the frustration surrounding it that’s inhibiting his budding friendship with Adira. The bitterness he feels about being held back is kinda bad and it definitely slows down the connection and friendship with Adira.

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    1. Woah spoilers. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰
      Emily’s answer to the question is very interesting. The question didn’t allow room for “no change” but I think that answer is still valid and tells a lot about Emily.
      Great answers for all around!


  4. With Smoke, there are so many things that he would change about himself. A lot of them are spoilers, but I can say that they are related to the fire. But one that is not a spoiler would be to be able to connect to people better. He struggles with relating, understanding and not feeling distant from people. Even with his girlfriend (Blossom) he has this feeling. He finds it hard to not to be stuck in his own head and to listen to other people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs. A lot of times he willingly chooses not to hear people out, but there are times (like with his girlfriend) when he just wants to get it, but he finds he’s too self-focused for it.
    Blossom would change the part of herself that urges her to work until exhaustion. She doesn’t respect her limitations and feels she must work as hard as she can or she isn’t doing her best. She’s aware it is a problem but doesn’t try to fix it cause (1) it is too hard to and she doesn’t have the time to, and (2) she still values it since it keeps her determined and motivated through goals difficult to reach, especially her lifetime goal, which defines her identity so much.


    1. That’s a good thing to want to change I think. I find it interesting there are many things he would like to change, though. Very intriguing!
      “A lot of times he willingly chooses not to hear people out, but there are times (like with his girlfriend) when he just wants to get it, but he finds he’s too self-focused for it.”
      Sounds very realistic and like a real struggle… Blossom too seems very realistic. Great character development!

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