Preptober Prompts Day 13

Happy Wednesday my friends!

We are back for day 13 of Preptober Prompts. Catch up on previous days here (week one) and then here (week two).

Today’s prompt: What moments in your protagonist’s life have changed them?

This is a big one for Zeb. There’s a lot of material to work with (for example his father’s death at the beginning of my novel 51 which propels him into the huge mess of plot.) Before the book, however, I’d point to when Zeb met Alex and how they became friends and fell into the push and pull of personalities which often exhibits itself as Alex encourages Zeb out of his comfort zone and the way they view life and people. If not for Alex, Zeb would be a very different person and I think it’s fair to say as well, if he had met Alex at any different point in his life he would also be a different person today (well not today per se, but when the book started).

What moments in your protagonist’s life have changed them?

5 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 13”

  1. Ooh… Well, all four siblings were pretty well changed when they were sent to Earth and then when they were brought back. There was a huge culture shift in both cases, different interests to pursue, different relationships to build… They always keep the core elements of their personalities and maintain their core interests, but there are definitely changes. Their move to Earth may have also contributed, subconsciously, to Leafman’s driving idea that no one wants him.

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  2. One moment in Smoke’s life would be the fire that killed many people (including his twin sister and mother) and that disfigured just as many people (including certain people he knows). Another would be the operation that made him a cyborg soldier. And yet another moment would be when his twin sister is reported being alive.
    Also, while the war isn’t a moment, more like moments, it is still important to mention since it has changed him.

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