Preptober Prompts Day 12

Happy Tuesday all!

In case you missed yesterday’s introductory post to this week’s event, Preptober Prompts, you can catch up here.

Essentially, each day this week I’m posting a different prompt relating to the category of character and the topic of change in order to help you think through whatever writing project you’re currently working on.

Today’s prompt: Choose a trait of your character’s and describe how it could be abused or turned into a strength.

My character Zeb from 51 is very nostalgic and emotional, which is not necessarily bad but a trait that is often out-of-hand (I originally wrote that he is “overly emotional” and realized that’s because he’s in a very unstable place when the story happens haha).

Charlie is empathetic. She always strives to understand people, which leads to her trying to get to know people and help them. She sometimes succeeds and is able to help, but not always. In certain circumstances, Charlie suggests she knows what someone is going through and comes off as presumptuous, or, in asking questions, makes the impression of being improperly curious and prying into things that aren’t her business.

Sam, Charlie’s brother, is very loyal and protective of those he loves and because of this he makes some major decisions in his life which end up hurting his family a lot. The majority of his choices through the story are actually fueled by his loyalty to a certain cause and to his family, and then sometimes the two conflict, which throws him into a new level of stress and desperation. So on one hand, he’s a very caring son/brother and stands up for those who need it and fights for them whether that’s through little things like buying his sister ice-cream after a hard day of school, or later literally fighting to save his family. But then other times his loyalty can turn out to cause trouble and make him do very bold moves which don’t always turn out how he hopes.

How about your characters? What traits of theirs can be abused or turned into a strength?

15 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 12”

  1. I love exploring how characters’ strengths can turn into weaknesses, and vice versa! Sometimes I’ll pick one ‘core trait’ for a character as a starting point for their whole personality, and pull an arc out of the healthy and unhealthy aspects of that trait. E.g. Driven: the character is very efficient and knows how to get things done, and aim for a goal and be determined about achieving that goal, but on the other hand they can neglect the things they are less passionate about, and/or when their goal falls through or proves to be unattainable, they don’t have anything to go for anymore and are kinda devastated. (Actually my sister, who also writes a little, came up with this, lol, credit where credit’s due, but it’s super fun to do :D)

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    1. Me too! I think I started doing that after seeing a pin about flaws often just being strengths that have been taken too far in the wrong direction. It’s so interesting to think through the different ways a trait can manifest itself, both positively and negatively.

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      1. Totally :D. And then there’s the fun tragic ones, like Trusting (which can end up soooo misplaced and it’s so sad), or Optimistic (tragic when there is no bright side/when others get fed up with them and misunderstand their intentions), or on a similar vein, Euphemistic (always sugarcoating things).

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  2. I love these prompts! It sounds like Charlie is kinda similar to me. šŸ˜…
    My MC, Lotro, is very determined and stubborn. On the positive side, this means he doesn’t cave when others try to hurt him, discourage him, or sway his beliefs. But that also means he’s not very open to listening to others’ advice when they’re trying to tell him he’s doing something wrong.

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  3. Elk is also very loyal. This means he takes really good care of his siblings and he’s very determined when he believes in something, but it also means he can sometimes be *overly* protective of those he cares about, and his loyalty can (and will) be used against him.

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    1. lol I love how you just throw that ‘will’ in there.

      I think loyalty is a hard one to really pull into two opposites because in general being a loyal person is a good thing but to show how it can be abused often is about the affects of that loyalty on //other// people or it goes towards //what// they are being loyal to.
      Sam is like that too. šŸ˜‰

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  4. I love thinking about this question in regards to my characters…studying strengths and weakness can add so much depth and life to even dull characters.

    Patrik is a strong, capable leader. He’s lived a long life, experienced many things, he knows how the world works. You need something to happen, he’ll get you there. But he trusts too much in his own abilities, and he thinks he always knows whats the right thing to do, leading him to be controlling and stubborn to a fault.

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  5. My protagonist, Smoke, has many faults. More than he has virtues. XD Anyway, I will use the thing he has that I feel is neutral ground since it depends on the view of a person. Which is his amazing ability to fight well and for a long time without getting tired quickly (he is a cyborg). This is definitely a strength since he can protect, help and defend in a setting where being physically weak can have a major problem on self and others. On the other hand, it also makes him dangerous toward innocent people or people who are underserving of his attacks. Accidents caused by him can be fatal. Overall, he can either do good or do harm.

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