200 part 2 | the q&a

Heyo! I am back from last week to answer your questions.

From Kailey:

If you could choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be? E.g. I used to always describe myself with the words “hope” or “light.” How would you describe yourself?

I’m actually going to end up close to your answer, because my name, “Evelyn,” is a combination of “eve” and “lynn” which respectively mean life and light. I think that’s pretty cool. (:

From Maya:

I don’t know if you’re comfortable sharing, but if you are, can you tell us a bit more about your family? How many siblings, how old, etc.?

I’m the fifth out of seven. We’re all roughly two years apart so each year is either a “odd” year or a “even” year for all of our ages. Our names are alphabetical (hence me being baby “e” as the fifth one) which interestingly enough did not start out on purpose. After Andrew and Brianna someone asked my parents if they were going through the alphabet, and their response was “No… BUT that’s a great idea!”

Since then countless people have thanked us for making it easier on them. 😆

I also have a wonderful sister(in-law) too and she’s absolutely amazing.

All my siblings are super fun and all so talented. They all have their array of superpowers (e.g. giving the best hugs, playing five instruments, coming up with big ideas, making Latin interesting and engaging, pruning trees or writing). All of my older siblings have graduated from college or are currently working on degrees.

And this year (as of a couple weeks ago) we are all within an hour of each other and so we’ve been in and out of their different apartments lately.

And there’s my attempt at giving a overview introduction to my family haha.

What musical(s) would you like to be in? See on Broadway? Sing around your house all the time (if you don’t already)?

I would love to be in a musical. Les Misérables (!!) by far is the first on that list, even if I were only a chorus member. If not Les Mis something like Music Man and Newsies. Into the Woods. Fidler on the Roof would be really neat. Oliver! would be a blast, and Matilda could be cool as well. However, I am an alto (very proud of that actually) but it does mean there’s not much of a career in musicals for me (I usually end up mainly being able to sing guy’s roles and still then only select ones haha).

As for seeing on Broadway, Les Misérables, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, or Lion King. Most of the above which members of my family HAVE seen on Broadway.

Honestly someone that I find so incredibly fantastic is how Royal Albert Hall’s second encore is One Day More but where all the actors take turns singing one line but they sing it in different languages.



Anyways. Just wanted to stick that in…

I sing a variety of musicals around the house (usually when I’m not thinking about it or when I’m alone or in the car with sisters). Again. Mostly Les Misérables, but recently it’s been When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground from Finding Neverland. …so. good.

A friend and I have been obsessing for months and thought about singing it for my choir’s talent show.

Best Tolkien setting/location?

I’ve always been fond of Laketown, or I would take mansion sized tree houses in Lothlorien until I got tired of Elves (which honestly might happen fairly fast). But then there’s the White City. Sounded by fields and fields.

How often should one reread LOTR? How often do you?

I first read Lord of the Rings when I turned twelve and then I read it every February (not sure why that month haha) for the two next years, then listened to it the third. I meant to continue with the personal tradition indefinitely but I haven’t picked I up again since then.

How often should one?

Anytime you can’t remember the name of Tom Bombadil’s wife and whose daughter she is.

Jk, definitely not that. While I believe rereading is a very rewarding thing, I think here it depends on how fast you read, how many good books are on your tbr list, and how much you want to learn from Tolkien’s craft.

Side note though, listening to Lord of the Rings is a lovely experience. For me it was a great way to work it into a busy schedule, to consider the beauty of Tolkien’s use of language, and to catch subtle layers I missed when I was doing the more involved work of reading it. For example all the poems and songs. There is so much insight and foreshadowing and depth I missed in those when I skimmed them late at night as I mentally ran a continual circle of “where-is-the-action-please-back-to-the-story.”

Earlier this year one of my older brothers read the entire first chapter out loud to me and my younger brother in one sitting (kudos to him, that chapter is a solid thirty pages or so). Anywho. It was amazing.

(And now I’m curious Maya how often you read The Lord of the Rings…)

Two blogs you follow but haven’t ever talked about on your blog?

Pens and Pigments Art

fifty-two paper stars

Favorite Etsy shop?

I’ve never actually ordered anything from Etsy but I have stalked some shops. My favorite would probably be Lee White’s. He’s one of my favorite artists… a children’s book illustrator with a most delightfully whimsical style of watercolor paintings. I mean… how does he come up with this gloriousness? A celloist on a boat with a polar bear? A bike that is powered by a typewriter? A glowing umbrella that turns into a flying jellyfish? A small penguin reading a book that takes flight as a bird? His colors are so vivid and strong and every painting is so imaginative. One of my brothers gave me his book for my birthday and I love just flipping through it and reading about the art pieces.

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeeWhiteIllustration

His site (if you want to stalk more of his art): https://www.leewhiteillustration.com/

*Disclaimer: I am in no way advertising his art or being sponsored, merely sharing beautiful things. But if say Lee White you read this know that if you ever want to send me prints so I can rant about them more and share pictures of them hanging permanently in my room, I would be most happy to oblige.

Favorite quote from a historical movie?

“To love another person is to see the face of God” or “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” both sung in the epilogue song of Les Miserables.

A honorable mention to “I’m not saying she was silly, but I think one of us was silly and it was not me” from BBC’s Wives and Daughters (though taken directly from the book)

Least favorite quote from an inaccurate historical movie/book/musical?

My closest answer I could think for this question is the general existence of a Pride and Prejudice musical which was recently brought to my attention. From the bit I have heard, it truly fails to… well be good.

From NC:

What’s a song you’re looking forward to learning how to play [on the uke]?

I am currently learning Here Comes the Sun, but I originally was wanting the music sheets for From Me to You and Eleanor Rigby, so eventually – hopefully – those two.

From my sis, Caitlin:

What is the first story you can remember writing down?

I once dictated a story about a very naughty toddler being babysitted by older siblings while their parents were out to dinner. He refused to go to bed and instead used his super powers to teleport around the house.

For the record this has nothing to do with baby Jack-Jack… I wrote this when I was maybe seven(?) and before I even knew The Incredibles existed. I distinctly remember a scene where he hid in the dyer eating cookies – a scene I even illustrated – but my sister left the document open and the file was lost in a power outage. Very tragic I feel to this day.

I’m sure that wasn’t my first story. in fact, I have a picture of my very first story somewhere of a princess and prince and a “qeen.” It was entitled “The Princess the Qeen and the Cat.” And yet instead of the cat, a snake shows up and they look at it. The End.

Who is your greatest inspiration for writing (whether in your life currently, or a historic author, or any other personal hero)?

That’s a hard question to answer because I find myself looking up to different writers in awe for different aspects of the craft.

N.D. Wilson has been a huge influence for a couple years. I respect his subtly poetic way with words, his thrilling, engaging plots, and outstanding characters that are so real. Charles Dickens for his complexity of story and all the comical characters (with unparalleled names) that somehow are invaluable to previous mention story. Tolkien for well, being Tolkien. Christopher Nolan because he’s simply a brilliant storyteller.

I also think of Gary Schmidt who can carry a story that both outstandingly entertains me and yet strikes to my very core of emotions. Markus Zusak’s chilling style has influenced me a lot, especially 51.

S.D. Smith always is refreshing to hear talk about writing.

And come on, I have so many people around me in my life that are just so. inspiring.

I hate that I don’t have one person to point to. But there’s a start…

From The Temperamental Writer:

What writing project (if any) are you currently working on?

I am currently writing very strange steampunk/gaslamp fantasty/French Revolution/Charles-Dickens-inspired story about a young, dirt-poor, door to door Head Merchant, a very unreliable narrator who is full of himself and has a bad habit of being trying to please everyone but getting in the way of everyone. In this case getting dragged into politics between the angry factory workers and the petty aristocrats.

(His spirit animal is Mr. Guppy from Bleak House if that means anything to you.)

Do you have any writing project(s) you want to write but don’t feel ready for?

Wow, great question. I feel this all the time. Where to start?

There are three different plays I have developed concepts for but don’t feel qualified to write. I also think of 51, my last novel, because I want to try to rewrite it but am definitely not ready to. The current plan is to wait indefinitely until I am distanced enough to be able to fully take a fresh approach and be able to see the story and characters with “new eyes.”

What are your top five (or so) dream roles in musicals?

I love all these questions about musicals haha.

  1. Eponine from Les Miserables
  2. Meg Giry from Phantom of the Opera (or Christine if I could manage to reach her notes)
  3. Jo March from Little Women
  4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast (Broadway’s version)
  5. Anna Leonowns from King and I

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head…

From Mary:

Here’s a random question: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Smoothies or salads.

Both of which are highly customizable.

If I could pick three, my answer would be smoothies and salads and homemade bread.

Or if I wanted a short sweet life, the obvious answer is chocolate.

From Eden:

What is something you love about Zeb from 51?

I made him up and he’s MINE.

He’s not sure what he wants, and most of the time isn’t sure what to do. It’s relatable.

If you could take art lessons under anyone, who would you pick?

Lee White (see above) or Pascal Campion or Diana Sudyka.

Lee White because he pulls of watercolor in a way I don’t understand. Pascal Campion because his digital paintings are stunning and gorgeous. Diana Sudyka because her paintings are so bold and rich and … creamy? Again, I don’t understand how she pulls it off.

^ lee white, pascal campion, diana sudyka ^

How IS the health of your family toaster? (I’m kind of worried…)

It is recovering well. You may send all your well-wishings and hospital flowers to the address provided below. 😉

If you were going to do something dangerous and potentially deadly, but TONS of fun, what would you pick?

Hiking the Appalachian Trail. Travel the world in a sailboat. Run a marathon. Befriend an elephant. Take the ring to Mordor.

(I’m running out of ideas…)

How would you explain the stars to someone whose never seen them?

Imagine a dusty black wool blanket you find in a dark lonely corner of an unfinished attic. You hold it up till it there’s nothing else and suddenly you see thousands of pinpricks in the weave that sparkle with light of your single candle on the other side. It’s cold but it’s somehow right, those countless universes that you’ll never understand.

From Story Sponge:

Have you ever thought of writing a fairy tale retelling, and if so, which one(s)?

I once had the idea to write a Rapunzel retelling where the witch and girl actually learn to love each other. I’m sure someone has done that though… right?

There are a lot of underrated fairy tales out there (along with some absolutely unknown disturbing ones) but I haven’t given much thought to rewriting one of them.

How often do you write poetry about food?

Ahaha. To date, out of the hundreds of poems scattered across my life, I wrote a poem about “cosmos tea,” one about candy from a child’s perspective, one about having ice-cream for dinner, and another concerning “word soup.” Also The Ballad of the Hungry Poet which I shared on my blog long long ago.

So maybe one in every fifty or so…?

What are three pieces of art (music, movie, book, drawing, etc) that you have consumed recently and loved to death?

Music – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Make, by Shakey Graves. Followed by Christopher Tin’s Sogno di Volare (The Dream of Flight).

Movie – A Quiet Place Part II. Not out yet but every time I see the trailer I get. so. pumped.

Book – I am now on The Series of Unfortunate Events bandwagon. Quirky and so witty. Extremely redundant, yet somehow bearable and even a delightful treat. I’m just trying to get my hands on book 9 and 10 so I can read my friend’s copies of the last three which she has forbidden me to touch for now.

And with that, thank you friends for sticking around!

How often do you reread books you like? How would you explain stars to someone? What musical would you want to be in and with what role? What was your first story you wrote and what was it about?

~ evelyn ~

22 thoughts on “200 part 2 | the q&a”

  1. I also am an alto and can often sing guys’ parts (Dmitri from Anastasia and Fiyero from Wicked — I probably spelled both of those wrong — are two of them) XD But I recently discovered that I can sing more soprano-range songs/notes than I thought. Thus I might someday be able to play a lead in a musical.

    As for how often I read LOTR… about once every year or two. I started about eight years ago and have since read it five times, but the first two or three were in very quick succession and the last was three years ago.

    I think I asked because, subconsciously, I think I should read it again. I find that whenever I finish RotK, I can’t remember the beautiful descriptions and worldbuilding details from FotR, and therefore I feel I should start over right away…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahaha, altos unite! 😉
      I actually don’t mind that much, a lot of the guy’s parts have the best lines! Also (thinking of The Confrontation from Les Mis here) what girl parts get to sing WHILE dueling? Or even ever duel at all?? 😆

      I understand that sentiment a lot. After I finished the last book I feel so intoxicated with the LotR feels that I can’t read anything else and I spend all my day faceplanted on my bed while listening to the soundtrack and shivering with delight at every memory of the characters and places I walked through that glorious week of which I can’t remember much but rushing coldness and aching bones throbbing with Middle Earth.

      … now excuse me while I go listen to Howard Shore’s music. I have found myself with the sudden urge to submerge into it’s depths.

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  2. Well, I am currently writing a book. Tale of the Cattail Forest is in the middle of its 5th draft. Middle grade fantasy- Sparkle, my main character, is 12 and like all Fairy Frogs, compassionate, clever, and naturally gifted in the arts (drawing is hers). Still with her own distinct personality: rebellious, stubborn, courageous, and adventurous.

    If you want the summary:

    After moving to Fairy Creek, where the Fairy Frogs live, Sparkle explores her new surroundings to pursue her craft. As a drawer she is always looking for adventure and new places to draw. But when she ventures out beyond Fairy Creek into Graysloup, she encounters some toads and makes unlikely friendships and meets new challenges. The friendships all begin when she decides to befriend a young toad named Marge.

    Things become challenging after encountering Sarge, leader of the toads, who tries to prevent all the friendships. Will the courage and cleverness of the Fairy Frogs stop Sarge from breaking up these new friendships? The frogs and toads learn how to use their talents and explore new ways of developing compassion and friendships.

    I am both a bookworm and a musical theatre nut


  3. I loved reading all your answers! I really want to read your story about the guy with a Mr. Guppy spirit animal. It sounds wonderful.
    I don’t know if it’s the same one but I heard some clips of a Pride and Prejudice musical on YouTube one time and it was BAD.
    Haha, the Series of Unfortunate Events bandwagon…I am on that one too. It’s kind of bizarre how enjoyable it is, despite being so admittedly redundant?
    I am so excited for A Quiet Place part II!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thank you! Part of the reason I’m writing it is because it’s the kind of thing that intrigues me. Glad to know I’m not the only one out there. 😆 Have you read/watched Bleak House?

      Yeahhh I listened to a bit on Spotify and couldn’t finish it. I guess I can’t blame a guy for trying but still…. *shudders*

      Eyyy *high-fives* OKAY THO. It’s *so* repetitive. I finished the first book and started on the second and when Count Olaf showed up I was like okay okay I guess they have to wrap up that storyline before they move on but then no. By the fourth book I finally realized he was going to be around… until book 13. 😆 Somehow it’s pulled off though.

      Yessss. I will be there at the theater April 23rd to see it.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah yes, good version. There are two and each each have their strengths. I like that goal! Right now I’m a couple chapters into The Pickwick Papers. After that I want to read Little Dorrit. I haven’t considered how many Charles Dickens novels I HAVEN’T read though…

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Gary D. Schmidt, Christopher Nolan, Charles Dickens, Markus Zusak!!!! So. Good.
    I absolutely LOVE the description of your current writing project. 🙂 It sounds so quirky and humorous. And I haven’t read Bleak House, but I’ve seen the 2005 miniseries adaption, and Mr. Guppy is a great character.
    I love A Series of Unfortunate Events! It’s fairly retentive, but somehow…it works? There are so many great characters, and so much witty humor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knowwww right??
      Haha thank you! I’m glad it made sense because I felt like I was throwing spaghetti on the wall and wasn’t sure it would stick.
      Ahhhh really?? I rarely find people that have either read or even watched a version of it lol. nice to meet you. 😉
      It is a very strange creature, that series. Somehow extremely dark but witty and entertaining…? Weird stuff. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  5. i know i’m late to this but i definitely enjoyed reading and rereading this again
    and my dream role would be eurydice in hadestown of course
    that belt
    the first story i wrote was about a the slave of a loyalist in the revolution who eventually escaped and led a battle to victory
    very strange and random and definitely historically inaccurate
    but also i was a tiny child so i think there was some margin for absurdity

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh you are welcome no matter how late you come.

      I need to get around to listening/watching Hadestown. I’ve heard it’s so good but I want to be introduced properly, so I haven’t flirted with any of it’s songs yet.

      I’m sure my little WIP is utterly inaccurate, and while I’m not a tiny child, I am making myself a margin for absurdity. Have an absurd narrator helps with that. That sounds like a good first story though.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This was great! I love reading how you see things/finding out new things about you. (Yay I sound creepy now rip lol)

    Also, I printed out The Ballad of the Hungry Poet and it’s in my “most loved” poetry hoard to this day. I even showed it to my dad because I was like—this is true art and Evelyn has her priorities in order if she wrote this. XD


    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHAhaha. Not concerning at all…. O.o (no worries I get what you mean 😆 )

      Oh dearie, I had no idea that poem was so widely spread. What must your dad think of me?? lol

      I KNOWWWW. He’s actually lowkey brilliant haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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