Recent Pictures (and the stories behind them) | feat. what I do while I’m stuck at home

I was scrolling through my photos the other day and realized I’ve taken a lot more photos as of late, as I do things and send them to friends to keep them updated and as they do the same in return. I also have been doing lots of projects lately, reading lots of books, trying out new things, so I have lots of interesting things to take pictures of.

These are taken by a second hand device (a cracked screen and all) so the quality isn’t glamourous, but they still each have stories behind them.

With that, here are some things I’ve been up to lately! Maybe you will glean a couple project ideas yourself.

In March (I think?) I made lembas bread from this recipe and ended up sending the recipe (slightly edited to sound more precise, sophisticated, and elvish) to a friend in a pen pal letter. They turned out pretty good! I liked them and the best description I could come up with was very compact biscuit-tasting scones. They were not super sweet (which I liked) and were more tasty (in the sense of a biscuit) and well complemented a good cup of tea.

I’ve been making quilts, one out of old plaid scraps, another from a really cute woodland jellyroll. I added some fabric I already had into the mix and I’m making a baby quilt from that one for a family that lives two doors down that I’ve babysat for. They are expecting their sixth. ❤

For the plaid quilt I am using the quilt-as-you-go method, and for the woodland baby blanket I am using the traditional method of quilting.

I’m also making a blanket out of my sister’s old Mock Trial high school t-shirts.

The first picture there are of me reorganizing my bookself yet again. I have finally found the perfect way in my mind to do it. Instead of organizing the whole shelf by color as I had been doing, I organize it by categories of series, fiction, non fiction, and poetry, and then in each of those sections sort by color. I am convinced there is no better way to do it.

The second picture was from the day I created that collage there on the side of my bookshelf with art from friends and various other cards and clippings.

da beach ❤

More pictures from the beach… subway sandwiches that we asked to be cut in “1/2” but their system read as cut into “12” pieces.

I read The Martian (a very particular copy – my brothers copy – which has it’s copious amounts of swearing taken out with white-out thank goodness)

Exquisite cake from my talented sister for mothers day. Extremely picturesque as you can see.

(that one was actually taken by my mother but for some reason I have it saved on my phone)

A super nice used book store we found at the beach, eating ice-cream on a hot afternoon on the beach house porch, drawing hands while playing the strategy game, Dominion, online with friends.

Phantom of the Opera: I went over to a friends house the other afternoon and we watched it together. ❤ Since then I have been listening to the music even more now.

Phone screenshot: my friend and my brother told me to organize my apps by color and I really like how it turned out.

Laptop: my friend made me an elephant sticker ❤

Lots and lots of decorating envelopes, making cards, writing letters to friends, and receiving them. ❤

Pressing flowers, and taking old dried rose pedals and stringing them to hang in my room. I’m very happy with how both of those pastimes turned out.

Lots of adventures with watercolor: Progress on an attempted illustration of the swan princess, copying birds from a 1945 edition of Birds of America (a treasure found at a used book store at the beach that my sister bought for me for my birthday). I tried both colored pencil and watercolor. And then my painting of Maximus Decimus Meridius (aka Russel Crowe) from the movie Gladiator. That’s one I would like to try again maybe on actually watercolor paper instead of my sketchbook.

A picture of my view from my floor reading one night which I think I have because I sent it randomly to a friend with the caption “floors are underrated,” and then a Frappuccino drink from a Starbucks gift card (thanks Mom for sharing ❤ )

I have been walking a mile or so to/from the free little library in our neighborhood and I got caught in a downpour last time I went. I was drenched but the rain was worth it as always. It was glorious.

During this time at home, I’ve started a new hobby of taking pictures of things in books that I love…

"Father. No, no look: you be the author! 
Director. Me? What are you talking about?
Father. Yes, you. You. Why not?
Director. Because I've never been an author, that's why not!
Father. Couldn't you be one now, hm? There's nothing to it. Everyone's doing it."
- Six Character in Search of an Author, Luigi Pirandello

This passage just was too relatable to not take a picture of. Again the same play. The notes are not mine.

One of the best things about creating art. ❤

(From Go To The Room of the Eyes)

Bahaha this is gold. “Why, you’re acting like an artist,” Mom said, “temperamental.”

My friend let me borrow her copy of The Phantom of the Opera (is there inside your mind) and I took some dramatic pictures while I was reading it the other day to please her (and because I was drinking hot chocolate and it looked fancy)

“Who is that Erik?” ~ Phantom of the Opera basically summed up in one sentence. 😆

“Music has the power to abolish everything in the outside world except its sounds, which go straight to the heart.” ~ so true

Next is Frankenstein and speaking of which…

A friend and I were in the mall and looking for a good copy of Frankenstein. We didn’t find what we were looking for, but we found this display that cracked us up and she took a picture and later sent it to me.

Frankenstein: “The best book ever written about parenting”

My friend: “Yeah basically don’t let your kid try to bring up back to life.” Tip #1 to parenting guys.

The other two pictures there are from JoAnn’s when my brother and I were wandering around, and I found the fancy art pen section and, looking through all the scribbles covered the shelves and walls, found those two conversations.

I am pretty concerned about the mental wellbeing of JoAnn customers.

Other things I’ve done while at home:

  1. swapped lots of clothes with sisters, and gotten rid of even more
  2. played lots of frisbee
  3. spent (lots of) time playing videogames with my brothers
  4. started watching two shows: The Mandalorian and The Chosen
  5. written the random occasional poetry and one short story (give or take a plot)
  6. tried drawing faces with colored pencils and brought yet two more mentally disturbed characters into the world and decided not to to burn them because 1.) for future amusement 2.) if I don’t share at them too long I can make myself believe that I might be fond of them.

What I have not done while I’m stuck at home:

  1. written much fiction
  2. learned a new language
  3. learned a new instrument
  4. practiced an instrument I already knew how to play
  5. basically anything actually impressive

What have you been up to?

Have you ever made Lembas bread? Do you take pictures of quotes in books and randomly send them to people? Do you tend to burn the mentally disturbed/disturbing people you draw?

*Note: all but two of these pictures are mine and are about my life. if you want to use one you may ask but i’ll probably say no, thank ye very much

47 thoughts on “Recent Pictures (and the stories behind them) | feat. what I do while I’m stuck at home”

  1. THE PHATOM OF THE OPERA IS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My first semester I read that book while fanning about the music (I eventually watched the film). I’m still devastated from that book…
    This past semester many of the students here watched the streaming of the 25th anniversary with Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karmiloo.
    I’m still in awe. And traumatized. And in love.
    And halfway wishing that I would find a halfway magical voice teacher in my mirror.
    And I LOVE your artwork!! Especially the Gladiator quote. ❤
    Looks like you've done well with cooped up time. 😉

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  2. Yeep! I love this post. *hugs* Lembassss!! We made it once for a LotR themed bridal shower (I was absolutely thrilled, let me tell you) for my sister-in-law. There was so much good, hobbity food, omgoodness. xD
    Ahhhh, you’re quilts are so pretty!! Trust me, I count that as impressive. 😀 My grandma would applaud you, because she loves quilting and so little teenagers do awesome stuff like that anymore. ❤
    I love organizing book shelves, goodness. Although, I have yet to acquire enough books to really make it look nice. I am in constant sorrow over that fact.
    Ah! I didn't know The Martian was a book! 😀 Coolio. That cake looks… *chefs kiss* ❤
    I STILL have not seen The Phantom of the Opera all the way through! Not. Cool. One of these days. But first methinks I should read the book.
    *heart eyes dat elephant sticker* *why don't i have one* I am working my way to a laptop completely filled with stickers, but unfortunately, it's going veryyyy slowly. XD
    Girrrrl, your cards and envelopes and art is are so good!! I can't. do. anything. with. watercolor.
    Floors ARE underrated. We should have a Floor Appreciation Day. 😂 In which we all read a book on the floor, do art on the floor, sleep on the floor, or simply lay and contemplate your existence. On the floor.
    We have a mini library! I am sad though because there are never any good books in it. Or ones I even recognize. It is a really cute idea, though.
    Oh my goodness, taking photos of parts you love in books is so cool! I've really never thought of such a simple thing.
    This messages in the stores tho. What. Why don't I ever see things like that? 😥😂 Priceless.
    I am an utter failure when it comes to frisbee. My sister can vouch for that. The only frisbee game I like is Kan Jam, because it involves hitting the frisbee and not JUST throwing it. XD The Mandalorian!!!! How are you liking it? I love it. So mysterious. I also kinda like how it just seems not quite as STAR WARS-y, and we get a new main character to root for, not the same old same old.
    *pats you on the back* I haven't done any of those things, either. Especially not in the language or instrumental area. Like, have you any idea how long it has been since I started learning Welsh?? I have no idea. I only got, like, four lessons into it because I'm like that. I like the language just fine, but apparently I have no discipline. XD

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    1. Ooh, you were/are learning Welsh? I’ve tried to but have never stuck with it. It’s a lovely language, though.

      Basically the only language (besides English) that I know more than ten words of is Latin, and that’s because of school. I even like it enough that I might have chosen to pursue it regardless of my parents’ requirements — but I probably would have given up the same way I gave up Welsh/Greek/Sindarin/Quenya.

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      1. Yeppers! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve worked on it, but I hope to take it up again next school year, since I’m much more likely to work consistently on it. It *is* a very unique language!
        Ahh, Latin. My sister learned some of it once, but I never had much of an interest. It seems so hard. XD But yeah, that’s basically me. I would love to learn a language, but I just can’t seem to stick to anything!

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    2. A LotR bridal shower?? Oooh I don’t know if I like that idea or not hmmm. Haha. I’m a huge fan but I don’t want to be *THAT* person. 😉

      Aw well my siblings make fun of me being a grandma when I do such things but I enjoy it sooo 😆
      YESS you need to. You should read the book and then watch the movie. They have big differences so it’s important to read/watch both. (AND THE MUSIC. Have you listened to the music??)

      Oooh elephant stickers you must have. I actually have yet another one ( and I love it soooo much. If we knew each other in person I would immediately buy it for you and drive over to your house and give it to you. Isn’t it gorgeous?? ❤
      OH and I'd give you this
      And this is another one on my laptop right now.

      That is a good goal. I approve.

      You kidding?? You can do things with watercolor. *flips through record* letsss seee. AH. Here. *points to collection of envelope art post*
      *crosses arms* Huh? Huh? What do you have to say for yourself?

      Floors Appreciation Day I'm for this. Oh maybe you should put some good books in that mini library then. 😉
      Kan Jam? Never heard of it! But yes, I love The Mandalorian. The epic music. The mysterious vibes. Surprisingly calming to watch? Haha I adore the main character and the fatherly tones and all the adorable baby noises and actions, and how it has so much lore in one of my favorite Star War races/groups. Also the scene where he talks to the Tusken Raiders my respect for this dude doubled. Like seriously. Thank you sir for being reasonable, epic, and different. (Also can we appreciate the amazing concept art at the end of each episode? I wish I could do that.)
      I am very much looking forward to season two.

      Hahaha I relate. I started "learning" Welsh on Duolingo a year or two ago. I didn't get as far as I got with Spanish (maybe thirty lessons?) or Latin (I finished all they had on that one in a week because I study Latin in.. well real life lol. For many years now). I also started "learning" French once, and Irish. Honestly I think Duolingo is helpful but I found it most helpful paired with a book on the language's grammar or previous experience. But I never worked to find anything to help my Welsh, French, or Irish pursuits. 😆

      My discipline is very much in need of growth.

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  3. The Mandalorian and The Chosen are both marvelous shows! And I love that your brother (or someone else?) covered all the swearing with white-out. That’s hilarious.

    Basically I love this entire post but have not the words or time for a long reply. Assume that I approve of all the pictures (I do) and want to see more (I also do).

    *wonders why I used the word assume*

    *just assumes it was the right thing to do*

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    1. They are aren’t they? I was pleasantly surprised by both.
      Yes, thanks to my Dad for that idea. 😆

      Ahhh I relate. I feel that way with a lot of posts I read, but thank you for commenting anyways! I appreciate it. 🙂

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  4. Ooh, you’ve been busy!! Isn’t it so satisfying to look back and see the millions of little things you’ve accomplished even though you haven’t hit any of your big goals? At least I think so 😎.

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  5. I enjoyed your post more than I can say. 🙂 All those pics are SO delicious! ❤

    I recently got into POTO because of The Story Sponge and Vimeo videos. I saw the 2005 Hollywood one and then saw the 25th Anniversary Live at Royal Albert Hall and I must say that 2005 actors/singers pale in comparison… Sierra and Ramin killed the roles of Christine and Phantom. Have you seen the Royal Albert Hall one? (If you haven't – go see it!! 😀 In the meantime, listen to the songs on Spotify, or – and 😉 Which reminds me – I haven't used Spotify in forever – will have to update and check out your playlists! 🙂

    In case you're looking for a good edition of POTO to have, there is a gorgeous copy of POTO from Word Cloud classics
    Unfortunately Amazon does not have a preview of this edition, but the cover is made of flexibound imitation leather and it has quotes from the book imprinted on it… (con: the print inside is a bit small for my preferences…)


      1. I personally prefer reading the unabridged classics, generally, but I think abridged is good for:

        1. younger readers.
        the (e x t r e m l y) abridged Great Illustrated Classics were a staple in my childhood and I think helped me get started in reading older stories. They have absolutely no real prose to them and basically no dialogue – just a this happened then this happened and this person thought this – but they opened the door.

        2. those who have yet to trust classics or who don’t have the time.
        For example, those who want to read a swashbuckling tale of the great seas and whales (Moby Dick) but don’t need to read the chunks of chapters on historical references or insanely detailed descriptions of how to carve meat off a whale.

        3. the purpose of comprehending the story before going deeper for those who might have trouble understanding classic prose.
        Same idea of why some people watch the movie before reading the book, or read Sparknotes to get a summary of what happens in an old play or epic poem before reading it themselves, I think abridged classics can help for situations where the idea is to enjoy and understand the story.

        Your thoughts?

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        1. Thine thoughts art mine.

          🙂 I started with illustrated abridged classics as well! Not those you mentioned, but similar. And picture books.

          Yep. Well. The same with Les Mis. 😛 It seems as if those people have never heard of editors. (BTW, I just remembered to mention this: Just found out that Dickens was not paid by the word. What a myth!



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    1. Ah yes! The Story Sponge has some of the best posts about musicals and their songs and their characters. I saw the 2004 movie, but my parents have seen it on Broadway more than once (I’m so jealous xD)
      Ah thank you for the links!
      I actually have Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairytales from Word Cloud classics (I agree about the small print, it almost feels – like many collectables – they focused only on the cover and didn’t put much time to format the inside). I ended up recently getting a copy of Phantom of the Opera from Sweetwater Press and am happy with it. Unfortunately, Sweetwater Press is literally no where online (really truly) so there’s no way to show you what I got. You can only find the Sweetwater Press books at select Booksamillion locations. I actually ended up getting nine of these books this past month. I was only going to get five or so but they each – because of their low beginning price and then the teacher discount my mother’s teacher account added – ended up being $3.18 a piece.
      I typically get my classics from Barnes and Nobles however, especially in the summer when they are (usually) buy two for $10.
      But now my classics are spilt down the middle and don’t all match… what sorrow haha. Oh well. I think they are all pretty.

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      1. Oooh! Thanks for all this info on classic editions! 🙂 Your shelf must look a lot neater than mine. Let’s see, I’ve been collecting full size hardcover, very nicely printed with lovely illustrated editions from World’s Best Reading/ Reader’s Digest. I don’t think they print them anymore since the copyright dates in the 80s and 90s but I get Like New or Good copies from Amazon or and they’re truly pristine and the best classic editions I own. (Yes, the fonts are optimal size and very comfy to read. And the quality of the pages are to die for, speaking as a bibliophile.)
        I’ve been trying to collect Dickens, Austen, and Robert Louis Stevenson from them.

        The other ones I try to look for are the Barnes and Noble Collectible Leatherbound Hardcover Classics, which are pricier. Most of these are not illustrated, but they are very durable and the font size is not compromised. Some are brilliantly illustrated, some in color – I think I have the Hans Christian Andersen, complete Grimm Fairy Tales, and some more affordable shorter classics like King Arthur and Robin Hood and Jules Verne stories.

        The final edition I try to look for are the Modern Library paperback classics – they have Dickens stories with the original illustrations, and notes/historical explanations, as well as a lovely copper colored spine that matches if I get multiple ones. I also like their font setting and formatting.

        Do those B&N Classics use good paper (as in, not mass market paper) and font setting? I haven’t tried those yet.

        *sighs* I just love talking about good book editions. 🙂


  6. there is so much happiness jam-packed into this post. i want to hug it. 😊

    I think it’s absolutely wonderful how creative and productive you have been these past months. Bravo! (I may not be productive myself, but it’s nice to see other people being so. 😉)

    Oh, my, that’s a lot of lembas bread. One bite can fill the stomach of a grown man, so you definitely have enough to last you all the way to Mordor and back again. 😂

    There is something incredibly happy and cozy about homemade quilts. Love them!!

    YoUr BoOkCaSe!!! *squeals* It’s beautiful! ❤️ I think you’ve found an excellent way to organize books…might have to try it myself.

    All the photos of your visit to the beach are so a m a z i n g! Especially the one with the seagull and all the glorious blue water. *sighs* It’s just so wonderful and peaceful.

    The amount of food pictured in this post is simply glorious. (Your poor sub though…it really was butchered. 😂) And CAKE. It looks divine.


    All your art is so pretty…the drawings, the cards, the paintings. I loved seeing the things you’ve been doing recently! 😀 You’re quite good at it, too.

    that elephant sticker. ❤️❤️❤️

    This was such a fun, cheerful post and I LOVE IT. *hugs*

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    1. Awwww thanks Eden, my friend. ❤

      Hey! I'm sure you have been veryyy productive. I was surprised with how much I have done once I started looking through my photos, because it feels like I barely do two interesting sensible things a day. 😆
      Yes it er… lasted a LONG time. Sure. 😉

      You should try it!! It's fantastic. I advertise the style 100%, 5/5. etc.

      Butchered. The perfect word. Yes the butchered sandwich hahaha.

      Yikes… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you hungry! (Also apparently I talk about food more than I realize in my posts and you always catch it lol)


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  7. This was so heart-warming and an utter pleasure to read and admire. I am so impressed and fascinated by all the creative and productive activities you’ve been up to! LEMBAS BREAD. It looks delicious and I must try it (even though my culinary skills are non-existent. :P) I love your pretty bookshelf and that board of aesthetic book clippings next to it! And *gasp* you have discovered my secret of arranging books! (although I also arrange them by size because my silly bookcase has different heights for the shelves.) There really is no better way. EEP all of your pictures are so aesthetic and lovely. That ocean one underneath the docks – ❤ <3. Taking pictures of parts in books instead of promising to write them down later and forgetting is frankly genius. And The Chosen is one of the best shows EVER. I am so ready for season 2. Am I the only one who loves its humor and portrayal of Peter? Because Peter is awesome.

    Okay that was an incredibly random and messily organized comment but I have no regrets. XD

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    1. You should most definitely try it! It was really fun and even if you burn most of the batch, what remains will last you months at the rate it fills your stomach. 😉
      Ahhh yes thankfully my bookshelf I can arrange the height of the shelves. Helpfully most fiction books are around the same size compared to say picture books or coffee table spreads. It is really satisfyingly to sort one’s bookshelf and then step back and gaze upon it. I truly view it as an art. 😆

      Haha yes I have learned from experience not to promise myself “oh I’ll come back and write that down when I’m not curled up on my bed or sprawled out in the sun” Because, of course, it never happens.

      Peter is literally the best lol

      No worries, I love your comment! 😀

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  8. I love the collage on the side of your bookshelf, and quilting/sewing is so much fun!! It looks like you’ve been making the most of your time being at home. I love the time to focus on my hobbies and interests. 🙂 Great post! ❤

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  9. Fun post! I really enjoyed it. 🙂
    Oh, and THE BEACH! You’re so lucky to live near the ocean. I love the beach so much, but sadly I live very far away from it.
    Also, I admire your bookshelf organization skills. 😉

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    1. Yes I’ve never thought about that, but I guess I am lucky to live within six or so hours of a good beach. I suppose it could be way worse!
      Thanks, I pride myself in those skills. 😉

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  10. Ah, I loved this post, Evelyn!

    Your time at the beach looks lovely. (The food looks absolutely delicious XD).

    Organizing bookshelves is SO much fun! I actually rearrange a lot…because I get new books…and then I want my series/authors together…and I don’t have a lot of room…so there is a need for creativity in the organization of my various tomes.

    I love that picture from Gladiator!!! It’s so amazing, and the quote is amazing, too.

    *gasps* I LOVE Dominion!! My family has four sets (the base set plus three expansions), and it’s such an awesome game.

    Six Characters in Search of an Author…okay, that made me laugh, and now I need to find a copy of it. How have I not heard of it before?!

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    1. Thank you Amelie, I’m so glad you like it!

      There is definitely a love/hate relationship for me with getting more books. On one hand… //more books// more stories more adventures to travel and more character to fall in love with. On the other hand I already have *so* many books and some of them still not read… where will I find the time to read all of them! And where is the space to store them?? haha booknerd’s problems 101.

      Thank you! I hope to try it again some time. I learned a lot from that little project and I feel like I need to do it more justice in the future.

      FOUR SETS.
      Okay. I’m semi-jealous. Which expansions do you have?? I really want to get Dark Ages and Renaissance and eventually Prosperity.

      It’s a very very interesting play. I personally loved it, but my sister has found it too depressing (in her words it’s one of those stories that just makes you realize how messed up humanity is). The premise is: a non-functional family (the six characters) want to get justice (aka complain about each other and blame all their life problems on each other) so they look for someone to turn their life story into a play. They find a director who is in the middle of rehearsal for a play and it’s their monologues and conversations with him. Personally I thought it was clever. You’ll have to let me know what you think if you get around to reading it!

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      1. We have the Intrigue, Prosperity, and Seaside expansions. I think Prosperity is my favorite; it adds a new Treasure (Platinum) and a new Victory card (Colony), and the big money strategy works really well for that expansion. Renaissance looks so cool! I also really want Hinterlands sometime. 😀

        I’ll have to check out that play!

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        1. Intrigue is a lot of fun, and so is Prosperity, but I have played with Seaside only once..? I don’t remember a lot from it, so I should probably research them all more before investing in one or the other.

          Let me know if you do!

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  11. Hahaha, they cut it into twelve pieces!!
    I would argue that the eagle with part of it eaten by a witch is a pretty stellar line as well.
    A free library! Dang, I need to figure out if there’s one close to me. What books did you end up swapping? I see several Roald Dahl books and the same copy of Lord of the Flies that I read for school.
    I love love the letters you send out. The one with the stamps is so cool.
    Okay, a line in the Martian that I remember extremely clearly is the paragraph where he’s musing about whether he’s a space pirate or not.
    HA, the Joanne conversations. That and the Subway sandwich are definitely things I would’ve taken pictures of as well.
    Ohh, playing frisbee sounds fun. What video games have you been playing with your brothers? My friends play videogames, but I don’t usually play with them.
    Hahah yes, I do send pictures of books I’m reading to my friends. I doubt they appreciate it as much as your friends though.
    This post was so fun :))

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    1. Yes you should. I ended up swapping out two books some friends suggested (Out of My Mind, and Inkspell,) for Lord of the Flies and The Graveyard Book. The picture there is after I returned Lord of the Flies. Every time I’ve gone there’s a completely new pool of books (beyond there being always at least two Roald Dahl book). It’s really neat!
      Hahaha I loved that part of the Martian. Though all of it was really good.
      I’ve been playing mainly the online version of Dominion (strategy card game),, and some really awful low-quality Roblox games.:lol: I don’t normally play video games but this summer it was a way to hang out.
      Thanks Annie!

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      1. Out of my Mind! Ohh, I read Lord of the Flies in school and you have to tell me what you thought of it. Dude, what a book. I doubt I would have read it on my own time, but it was definitely interesting to read in class. And The Graveyard book! Okay, I think the only Neil Gaiman I’ve read was actually watching the adaptation of Good Omens.
        Ohh, how does Dominion work?? Um, Roblox sounds familiar but I don’t actually know what it is… Hahaha, I don’t normally play video games either (except for Club Penguin and Webkinz and the Cyber Chase game if you’ve ever heard of that, ohh and some Hay Day for a while, I think that was it), but yes, it’s perfect for hanging out.
        Also, I wanted to tell you that I listened to the podcast episode that talked about things rhyming–I thought it was really cool about how he talked about his almost-son-in-law’s (I think?) new music album, and how he doesn’t know a lot about music, but he can hear how there’s so much going on it. I love the idea how you can sense the rhyming even if you can’t articulate or analyze it.

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        1. I mildly liked it, but I liked the idea more than the execution. I mean come on dude. We can pick up on symbolism, you don’t have to use entire chapters to say “let me explain the significance of this event…” It is supposed to be a subtle descent after all. 😛

          The best quick description I can come up with is that Dominion is a deck building game. Everyone starts off with the same cards (a little money and three estates (victory points)) and from that they are supposed to look at the available cards for sell in play and choose what they want to buy. Once they buy a card they add it to their deck. They only look at five cards at a time (but action cards can let them draw more cards etc) and once they work through their deck each time they shuffle it and draw five more. The goal is to work up to buying larger properties that are worth more victory points and thus build up a kingdom so to speak. If you like strategy games you would probably like this! It’s a lot of fun and has endless strategies and the game play is also changed with every new array of cards you add to the table.

          Haha no problem. Roblox is a cheap game platform that all real gamers look down on. It’s filled with a ton of really really bad games, terribly made or just straight out lame and awful, but it’s the place people make almost satire games based off of “real” games. Here and there, though, you find gold. Most of the time though it’s just exploring terrible cringing games with friends and trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do in each of them – which makes it fun lol.

          Wasn’t that podcast interesting?? Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad you found it fascinating. It was a new look on something I’ve been around a lot which was intriguing.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Wait, I don’t remember those explainer chapters at all. Dang, oops. I do remember talking about all the symbolism in class though. Okay–I saw somewhere that something to the boys being stranded situation happened in real life, but in real life, the boys actually all helped each other.

          Ohh! It kind of reminds of Monopoly Deal? Just the building properties part. That sounds really fun, how many players can it include?

          Hahahaha! The off-gamer game platform sounds like the place I would be most comfortable in. Do they do spoofs off of Mario Kart and Plants v. Zombies and things like that?? And so anybody can create a game and put it on there?

          Yes!! Thank you for recommending it :)) Ohh, what do you mean something you’ve been around a lot?

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Oh that’s neat! My sister was actually researching the man that wrote it and apparently he was a professor and turned all his students against each other for fun, just so he could sit back and watch them want to rip out each other’s throats. That’s where he got inspiration for the book.

          Yep! Exactly, expect that the land that you buy goes right into your growing deck along with all your action and money that you then shuffle and draw from it and use those cards for your turn. If you want to try it out without investing in buying the actual game, you can make a free account and play it online on their official site: With the starter game you can play with up to six people. And then there are about twelve (give or take two) expansions to add onto the game play.
          You can read the overview on Rio Grande games site: and also see the expansions (13 apparently) My family owns the starter game and the Intrigue expansion but if my prediction comes true… we will soon have the Prosperity expansion.

          Haha exactly. And yes! You can create your own game and put it on there… anyone can which is why the games are often awful. XD But it’s the perfect platform to play on with friends. Finding a good game by trying a bunch of terrible games is almost a game in itself. My friends and I get on a phone call and then will just get on the site and find the most random games, it’s a blast.

          I have heard a lot of talks on writing and poetry and life and how they all are connected for years as I, by choice, would try to soak in information about artists and their crafts and philosophies, so at this point all the talk has gotten old and I find everyone ends up saying basically the same exact things. At this point to me someone trying to creatively poetically talk about making art and how principles there transfer to their view on politics, lifestyle, or theology feels overused and worn out. But I thought that conversation had a new and interesting perspective to give so that’s why I appreciated it. That’s what I meant by that. (:

          Liked by 1 person

        4. UH WHAT. No way. Ahhhhh okay, I feel like that changes my perspective slightly on the book.

          Ah THANK YOU for the links!! Hahaha, I hope your prediction comes true :))

          Hahaha that sounds so fun. Okay when I’m on a call and we’re trying to figure out what to do, I’ll need to suggest that. I also really want to play Minecraft??? That sounds really fun right now. Ohh, another game we played recently is Crazy 8 on the Apple Store’s Game Pigeon if you’ve heard of that before?

          Oh wow, I don’t listen to that many talks like this so I’ve never thought about how they could all start to sound the same. The only writing podcast I listen to is a journalism one where they interview different people each week, so it’s usually pretty different. Whoaaa, that’s so interesting. Ahah, what are the most common tropes?? And thank you for taking the time to explain :))

          Liked by 1 person

        5. I know right? Weird guy ha.

          Minecraft is pretty cool! There was this week where my brothers got me to play it until I began getting headaches from seeing the pixel art in movement. I guess I have some weird pair of sensitive eyes? idk haha. I haven’t heard of that one! I’ll have to look into it. And while you’re on Roblox, I would suggest The Wild West. That game is actually lowkey brilliant. The dynamics are on point and I can not wait for the new update.

          Common tropes would be people talking about their craft in vague poetical terms to the point that you come away feeling like they live glorious lives and you are someone missing the secret recipe to an aesthetic, dramatic poem-worthy writing life. I think there’s a difference between being poetic about life and being poetic about your work, because “creatives” often over glorify their work, it’s importance, and how epic their lives are because of it.
          Or if they do give tangible advice it often turns out to be a lot of the same exact advice said the same exact way.

          Those are at least my observations, perhaps I’m listening to the wrong people too much?
          Oh yeah, no worries. ((:
          I’m finding your thoughts very well thought-provoking haha

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