Exquisite Corpse Poetry: The Poem Itself

Last week everyone was invited to contribute a line of poetry for an exquisite corpse poem. Thanks to everyone who participated! Here is the resulting piece:

No one talks about the sky.
Elephants yawn at the inky sky,
Color pulses behind their closed eyes.
Rabbits are a gift from God.
I’ll give the moon a hug.
A donkey brayed across the hillside.
Sunlight dropped golden dew onto lakes.
A girl then sat right down.
Worlds wobble wondrously through whimsical thoughts.
dreams falling like dry pine needles
And I cried until I laughed,
Half a dollar for her soul.

Wow that was a lot of fun! What do you think of it? What title would you give it? There are so many amazing lines and wow the first three are actually tied directly together, how epic is that??

I also think a lot of it is filled with a common strand of delight, wonder, and happiness which is really lovely. ❤

Happy Friday, everyone!

28 thoughts on “Exquisite Corpse Poetry: The Poem Itself”

  1. Wow that is actually so incredibly delightful! I love how the seemingly random splashes of poetry mix together beautifully. Definitely turned out much better than I thought it would. 😂

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    1. I know, right?? It turned out truly splendidly. *happy sigh*
      And you described it so well “random splashes of poetry mix together beautifully”
      Thanks for contributing Elisha, I’m so glad you did! ❤

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  2. OH my goodness, I can’t believe I let myself catch up on posts from the past two weeks until now. I’m mentally face palming that I missed participating in this.
    I love this, and that’s crazy that the lines matched??

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    1. Ahhh I’m so sorry Annie! I’ve done that before and I know how disappointing it is. 😛
      I guess this just means I’ll have to do it again sometime. 😉
      I know right?? I was half expecting every line to be about something else entirely haha.


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