Untitled Jazz

  • so this is different, but listen. the floor is underrated
  • people are amazing
  • colorful pens are fantastic for taking biology notes and parsing latin sentences. i’ve never looked back.

  • dry erase markers + mirror are handy and make a fun toy
  • this keith green song has been stuck in my head all last week
  • now my mirror is completely filled with writing. all bullet points of course.

  • i think chick-fil-a is a little tired of seeing my team every week. but most importantly i have managed to almost convert all my peeps to the true glory of dipping fries in milkshakes
  • our team t-shirts are pretty epic

  • in december i had an idea. but like 51, it felt different. and special. and it grew. here and there, just been brainstorming. writing down notes. and making collages.
  • i wanted to make this one my background on my phone but then i realized that might look weird. it is a collage of random people that i found.
  • the story doesn’t have a title yet (surprise ha) and it will probably take a long time to find a good one, so i gave it a random stand-in name that came out of no where: untitled timebus jazz.
  • untitled jazz. it sounded like this. random thoughts. bullet points. pictures of life.

  • let me tell you. there is no other experience like singing with sixty other people.
  • giant spotlights shining from across the gym give the orchestra members magical halos when you’re perched on the risers behind, out of sight of the crowd. it’s breathtaking paired with their music that throbs and aches and begs for emotions.
  • that was december but thinking of it still makes me happy

  • saturday i have my mock trial competition. i don’t feel nervous. yet.
  • i know i will eventually. but i also know it will all leave that moment i stand. cause it’s all come together and my friends are amazing and that calmness i will feel is all for them and for all their work.
  • i use to dislike the fact i have the first speech. now it’s my way to stand up and give them all back the confidence they give me.
  • its all for you. you got this.

  • i needed this. maybe you did. maybe sometimes you need to say the obvious or think your random thoughts and clear your mind. tell me if you do. i’ll listen.
  • one final thing: sometimes it’s hard to smile. but perhaps smiling doesn’t mean life is perfect or even great. but maybe it means trying to make other people’s life good. look around. you are loved. so love.
~ evelyn ~

45 thoughts on “Untitled Jazz”

  1. I adore this. ❤️
    I love how scattered your thoughts are but somehow still all fit together.
    And that college. Did mention that I’m really curious? 😯😄
    (I’m pretty sure now that Eyore is like the best thing ever. 😊)
    You should do another post like this. *hugs*

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  2. I love this post!! Randomness in its element ❤ ❤ ❤

    Also, the mirror + dry erase is so aesthetically cute. And the Winnie the Pooh quote. I love that one.

    Singing with like 60 other people is euphoria. No joke, there aren't many other things that are more satisfying!!

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    1. Thank youuu. ❤ ❤ ❤
      Winnie the Pooh has the loveliest quotes.
      And yes, there is truly nothing like it. It's so freeing and beautiful.
      (Also wow, can I just say how much I adore your new profile picture??)

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  3. (How do you insert hearts into these comment thingies?! I want to know! 😉
    Last year I started writing on my dresser’s mirror, and I have to say, it IS amazing. First I wrote Skillet’s “Because of who You are / I know who I am” quote (from “Brave”), then I wrote down Brandon Sanderson’s “Life Before Death. Strength Before Weakness. Journey Before Destination,” and now I have “Gratitude 2020” for my annual theme word reminder. 🙂
    And have you ever noticed how looking at everything in the mirror feels more magical than looking directly at the actual items? (Or maybe it’s just me…)
    Can’t wait to hear more about your new WIP!

    P.S. I just noticed your door looks just like mine 😛 (white, rather narrow, with the cross, except mine has a platinum colored door handle)

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    1. Aaaah someone else who writes on their mirror! I’m not the only one. Isn’t it a great place to scribble reminders?
      Yessss mirrors are magical. Truly.
      Haha nice door then. 😉
      If you want a heart, insert the following two symbols “<3” and voila!
      It will magically transform into a heart. 😁

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  4. Ah, this post is so aesthetic! I loved reading it 😍❤. Hope your mock trial competition goes well! (And, yes, the T-shirt looks awesome.)
    And now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. (Remember, He is divine, and you are de branch…😂)
    *Goes to find a cry erase marker*

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      1. (I don’t know…. you carry it in your purse so when you have an emotional break down in Walmart you can erase the cry from your eyes…? That just got strangely dark 🙄😂😂)


      Isn’t it amazing?
      Honestly, all along I was wondering how to life this thing called life and the instructions are summarized right there.
      Thanks Chalice ❤️


  5. I like it. *slams down stamp of approval* It’s a messy random mixture that swirls together into something beautiful that sparkles, like the thousands of scattered stars in the sky. I don’t know how you manage to turn these bizarre things into something so poetically lovely. It must run through you veins, spilling into everything you touch and do.

    *raises markers in salute* Now please excuse me while I go doodle on my mirror.

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  6. Aww Evelyn, people are indeed amazing and I think CFA is probably used to it by now 😉
    Eeyore has truly been an important example for us all and so have you. ❤
    Good luck on your mt competition! I know you'll do incredible and yes, that feeling of the choir never ceases to amaze me. The blend of all of the voices and knowing that you have a purpose in that choir but so does everyone else is a beautiful representation of life. Love you Evvie <3<3<3

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    1. THANKS ❤ ❤ ❤
      You are such an encouragement oh my word. Truly you're so awesome what am I suppose to do with you? I can not wait till Saturday. 😁
      (Also can we glory in the fact that your code name of secret alpaca is more significant now with Jeff and Jefferina and Jeff Jr.?? 😆 )

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  7. Ahhh this is actually so AMAZING. I loved it, you should do more!! The floor is underrated, ppl are amazing land colorful pens make everything tons more fun. Chick-fil-a is lucky to have u and ur lucky to have it. I don’t have chick fil a where I live *wipes away tears* 😂 good luck on mock trial I’m sure u will do great xx 💕💕💕

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  8. I still can’t get over “the floor is underrated.” I don’t know why, but I love that.
    This entire post is so pleasing! The way it flowed with the bullet points and the photos and all the random things created a rhythm and a feeling that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I liked it a lot.
    I really like the untitled jazz collage. I want to read that story, even though I don’t know what it’s about.
    Excellent post. Thanks so much for sharing! And reminding us that the floor is underrated. 🙂


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