The Music Tag

Music has a way to connect with souls.

To capture emotions and give us a voice. 

Well thanks to Chalice, I have been tagged and I get to share some of my music picks with you. Randomly sure, but all the same, it’s music sooo… 😉 

Here are the rules:

  1. Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping).
  2. Write your favorite lyric from each song.
  3. Tag some people.

I have this habit to save albums that have been suggested by friends so that I’ll remember to listen to them later. So I’ll follow the directions, but *coughs* not at the same time. In other words I will not count those songs that might pop up and that I can’t endorse, and have never listened to before. 😛

Okay on to the music.

I have so much music. Let’s see where this goes… 


Gravity of Love | The Brilliance

Here is a song from an artist I listen to a lot. The Brilliance have lovely songs with simple but truth-filled lyrics.

This is the gravity of love
Just as the moon follows the sun
Your love is reaching
You’re holding everything


I love the analogy of God being the gravity – the pulling, throbbing center and heart – of love.


Steady As She Goes | Sky Sailing

Ah. Where are my true Owl City fans out there? 😉 

Yes, “Sky Sailing” is Owl City… er I mean Adam Young. Yes, confusing. Three names and all. Anyways, this was a side project he did once with just one album. Steady As She Goes is one of the songs on it.


Farewell nightmares
I am free
Welcome streams of sweet dreams
That settle over me
What lies out there?
No one knows.
The tide could bring in anything,
So steady as she goes.


Budapest | George Ezra

Hahaha, I knew one of these songs would come up eventually. And by that I mean a song shared by a older sibling from an artist who probably has other songs I would never listen to. I’m pretty sure this is the only one by George Ezra I’ve ever heard.

It’s a fun one. 🙂 

My acres of a land
I have achieved
It may be hard for you to
Stop and believe
But for you
I’d leave it all



White Christmas | Bing Crosby

…what can I possibly say about this one? It’s a classic and sounds like home. ❤ 

I think my favorite verse is the first one.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
And children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I didn’t realize how much I miss Christmas music…

Remember Me | Andrew Peterson

What was the probability an Andrew Peterson song would turn up?

Yeah, pretty high.

This song is from his most recent album, Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1, which is absolutely amazing.

Just days ago the sky was stone
The trees were standing stripped to the bone
You could hear creation groan

But I write these words on an April day
And the earth is drinking the early rain
The hills remember green again



Music, They Call Me | The Gray Havens

Gray Havens! 

I discovered them about three years ago now and finally got to go to a concert of theirs about a month ago. They’re such a sweet and cute couple and it was an amazing experience. 

I also hadn’t realized how many of their songs I had memorized. (:

They fell in love
With the sound of voices
Singing choirs, made up of souls
They’re beautiful
Shouting stories they want told
And God hopes as he listens close
For a trace of worship, singing
Alle – luia, we sing Alleluia
We sing Alleluia, we sing Alleluia 

I love that part. ❤ 


Fools Rush In | Ricky Nelson

Ah ha. So the 50’s music peaks it’s head out. 😉 

Favorites lyrics…?


Come on it’s just a fun song.


Danny Boy | US Air Force Airman of Note

More 50’s! But super fun instrumental band so no favorite lyrics here. 😉

Now I want to swing dance…


Take Good Care of My Baby | Bobby Vee


Sensing a trend of an era perhaps…?

Again I can’t say I have favorite lyrics. *shrugs*


Hambleton’s Round O | Bare Necessitates 

This song is pretty awesome. It’s a song for English Country Dancing (picture Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet).

(…oh and in the BBC version not the other one because one is obviously much better 😉)

My family and some friends are organizing a dance in my community that will be in a couple weeks and I am sooo excited and this song is not helping subdue it.

Favorite lyrics of the song:





And there we are. 😉

I suppose I am expected to nominate someone but I know what’s it is like to drown in tags.

Feel free to serve yourself a session of delving into the depth of your music libraries, or enjoy guilt free silence.

And with that happy last Friday before NaNoWriMo!

Don’t expect much out of me in November. (Ha via blog at least.)

But I do like music, so what have you been listening to lately?

Until the distant hills are conquered and the writing blocks are crushed, may your paths be filled with bards and dragons!

~ evelyn ~


P.S. I just had to share this. Isn’t this baby bunny the cutest thing e v e r?? I got to hold it all through class today. Yes. You heard that right.

All. Through. Class.


Jealous? 😉

18 thoughts on “The Music Tag”

  1. After reading this post, I have several new songs to add to my ever-growing “Songs to Listen To” playlist. Many thanks.
    Also, SKY SAILING! I unfortunately don’t like that album quite as much as most of his other stuff, but I definitely enjoy it. Are you familiar with the more soundtrack-like music he released as Adam Young? Each album is based on a historical event and they’re EPIC.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I always love sharing music. 🙂
      Yes! His soundtracks are absolutely a m a z i n g!
      My favorite album would be Corduroy Road and The Endurance. But also Mount Rushmore! You?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They are! 😀 I don’t think I actually got around to listening to all of the albums (I like to listen to new music when I can just focus on the music), but The Endurance is my personal favorite. I discovered this section of Adam Young’s music shortly after listening to an ebook about The Endurance, so that was really cool and I was able to better appreciate the music for the events it was tied to than some of the others. 🙂


    OWL CITY!!!!!! I just fell in love with it this year… My favorite of his is The Saltwater Room… I just adore that song… Also Vanilla Twilight, Lucid Dream, Tip of the Iceberg and so many more…
    ANDREW PETERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Dies and dies again*
    I love that entire album… Rise Up is one of my favorites… And I’ll stop there before I list every AP song I’ve ever heard. XD
    Oh this topic… I’m a Music Major now so I loved this. Right now I’m in love with the soundtrack from The Village… That soundtrack is EPIC!!!! And The Arcadian Wild, Owl City, Andrew Peterson, and the rest of my soundtrackish stuff…
    Great post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow I’m surprised. For some reason I thought you were a long time Owl City fan. 😂 I guess you were just doomed to become one. 😜
      Yesss Rise Up is so good!!! Actually the whole album is.
      Have you read his new book??? It is absolutely amazing!! It has to be one of my favorite books. (And dare I say it I like it more than the Wingfeather Saga??)
      I hope college is going well!
      I love soundtracks and listen to them all the time! Hans Zimmerman is by far my favorite composer. The Village?? Ooooh sounds amazing. 😁😁


  3. So much to love about this post! Songs, Owl City…a BUNNY!!!! That is SO NOT fair! *glares* It is seriously so cute!! 😭❤️❤️ I wants it.

    Also, you have excellent taste in music. 😍

    “(…oh and in the BBC version not the other one because one is obviously much better 😉)” YES. THANK YOU. 😉😂

    Hope you have fun at the dance! Sounds like tons of fun. 😀

    AND THAT BUNNY. ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Girl when we get our cottage on the Scottish coast we will buy hoards of baby bunnies, okay? 😂😂😍
      The BBC version is absolutely wonderful. (I’m actually watching it again this week because I “had to” read the book for school. And the movie obviously was needed as well. 😉)
      Thanks friend! 😄
      (And I KNOW RIGHT it’s soo stinking adorable! 😍 And I named it Susie Q for the day. 🙃)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES, WE DEFINITELY ARE!! 😄 And by that point I will also have a hedgehog and a Samoyed and a monkey and seven kittens…so we need to make sure there’s room in the cottage for them. 😉
        You are?! #jealous It’s such a perfectly fabulous movie! I think Mr. Darcy’s proposal is my favorite scene…it’s so incredibly awkward and cute. 😍
        Susie Q is a perfect name! I approve. 🥰


  4. So jealous.

    As far as songs go…Mary Poppins Returns has been the go-to album in my house for…let’s see…several months?! I also officially listened to Andrew Peterson for the first time the other day…Is He Worthy is incredible! And I’ve been loving Into the West too.

    Hehe, also…you aren’t the only one who likes oldies 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Thought you might be. Muhahaha 😜

      Yes! Great music in that album. My favorite song is Lovely London Sky. Sooo pretty. ❤️ Which would be your favorite song from it?

      Congratulations! Your life has just become even more enriched with beauty and art. 😉

      Yay!! Aren’t the oldies amazing?? What are some of your favorite oldies? I love so many I don’t think I could pick… 😂


      1. Lovely London Sky is soooo amazing!! I’d have to choose Can You Imagine That…I looove singing it too 😆.

        And oldies…we listen to them mostly at Christmas time…Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is one of the best! And Sleigh Ride…and we also love the Beach Boys Christmas album. Annnd I personally love Shoo Shoo Baby (The Andrews Sisters)… that’s probably it. I honestly haven’t found too many that I really love, but I still like listening to that kind of music. Maybe I should go hunting for a few more to add to my list of favs 🤷😁.


  5. Most of these songs I’ve never heard, but after listening to Take Good Care of My Baby, I definitely love it! ❤ *adds to playlist* Ah, but I do love White Christmas. ❤ ❤ ❤ It brings back so many memories and makes me want Christmas!
    YES THANK YOU SO MUCH! The BBC version is about a million times better! Elizabeth in the short movie version is *makes sick face* But MR. DARCY in the movie version is SO. INCREDIBLY. GROSS.I'm sorry, but it is my eternal opinion that he is ugly and his hair sucks. Mr. Darcy in the BBC is actually handsome! And his hair is so wonderfully curly! No one can beat Colin firth for that role. 🙂 I could seriously go on for a very long time why the BBC is a million times better, but I shouldn't annoy you. 😂 What is *your* opinion on the non-BBC version? *rubs hands*


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