Of Books and Binders and Book Binder Poetry

Good morning!

It’s a beautiful Friday and we are back with our next installment of Evelyn-finds-something-neat-about-poetry-and-comes-to-share-it on The Rain-Drenched Writer!

Or, as my dad would say, “Have you heard Evelyn’s new poem? She didn’t write a single word!”

Well, I am sure we are all glad to be here. If you are new to these series, check out previous episodes: here and here and here. 😜

Today’s topic of discussion: book-binder poetry!

It’s a simple idea. You take a stack of books and arrange their titles into a poem.

(Quick note though: I do not necessarily recommend all the books displayed in this post. I have not read all of them but am only using them here for the purpose of poetry. :))

Here is the first poem I created:

I began to realize quickly that verbs don’t show up much in titles. Neither do many “which” or “who” or “what.”

For my second one I was very glad to find a book titled With. I ended up using this book a lot… it was very helpful! (Keep in mind to ignore it’s subtitle… πŸ˜› )

My third one, I am quite fond of! I titled this one, Gossip.

To my delight, after that, I found two books about a watchman…

Then I decided to take a visit to the Christian-living bookshelf in our household and see what I could find there.

Suddenly my poems became a lot less poetic and star-spangled, but more blunt and foreboding…

And finally, my very last one which I found quite by accident as these books were already right by each other, separated by only two other books:

Which one is your favorite? Have you ever played around with book-binder poetry?

~ evelyn ~

25 thoughts on “Of Books and Binders and Book Binder Poetry”

  1. I have never seen this before and I love it so much! Super creative. 😊 I think the second ones my favorite…but I love Gossip too.

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  2. My favorites were the second, third, and sixth. This is SUCH a cool idea!! I might steal the idea and post some of these on my blog sometime! I’ll tag you!

    Also, I have so many of those books. πŸ˜€ I have Follow My Leader, Mountain Born, In Search of Honor (one of my favs!), Freedom Fighter, Stepping Heavenward, Beyond the Desert Gate, and The Roar on the Other Side.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes! You totally should! It’s a lot of fun.

      Oh neat! I really enjoy Follow My Leader and I’ve read Mountain Born and In Search of Honor but that was many years ago and I don’t remember much!

      And then Roar on the Other Side… don’t get me started! It’s sooo good. I’m going through it a second time right now and learning so much!


  3. WOAH. THESE ARE EPIC. The second one really caught my attention, but then so many after that also had me wide-eyed. This is such a cool idea, and you executed it so well!

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