How To Bond With A Unicorn // a writing prompt

I’m sure you’ve always wondered how to bond with your friendly, local, neighborhood unicorn, and here’s your once-in-a-life-time chance to learn! 😉

Writing prompts can be fun little breaks for me when up to my eyes in a long writing project. At least, as long as that’s all it is: A fun little break. I have to be careful not to use it just to procrastinate, and so I generally stay away from flash fiction and such rabbit trails.

However, a couple months or so ago, a writer-friend shared this prompt with me: write step by step directions relating to a fantastical element such as a mythical creature, place, or person.

It was a lot of fun to mess around with, and tried to leave lose ends here and there. I enjoy stories that have such deep world building that it naturally fits to the point that even the smallest remarks remind you that you aren’t on Earth anymore (or at least your version of Earth). There is a story behind every off hand reference from a character, and it intrigues me, awakening my imagination. Who is this mentioned person? Where is this place?

Maybe someday I’ll pick up this piece and it’s loose ends to weave a story…

How To Bond with a Unicorn

  1. Find a unicorn
  2. Don’t yell at it. Don’t make sudden moves.
  3. Approach with caution and look it straight in the eyes.
  4. Bring mushrooms from the swamps of Swindellea. Make sure they are fresh and plucked within two days’ time.
  5. Don’t wear black.
  6. Or red.
  7. They have to like you if they want to bond, so be yourself.
  8. Unless you’re a jerk.
  9. Or stupid.
  10. Or non-likeable.
  11. And don’t gape. They hate it.
  12. Extend the mushrooms before you and begin to sing the songs you learned from the man in the back of the tavern when I sent you to fetch the rolls.
  13. And you better not have eaten or lost those rolls! If you do I’ll skin you alive and send you to Maleilann for clean-up duty.
  14. At this point, you have 13 minutes and 56 seconds before the forest guard arrives, but don’t rush it. Wait for the unicorn to acknowledge you.
  15. Don’t do anything stupid.
  16. Pray that he accepts your gift.
  17. Show your mark of the guild. He will question it. But when he searches your face he will trust your claim. Whether he agrees to come or not depends on his mood. Or you. (See steps 9 through 11 for reference.)
  18. If he doesn’t offer for you to ride him, you’re dead. Unless you find a way out, despite your witless little half-brain, but you better think quick and not underestimate the forest guard. And I’d hope my tutorage has come to something.
  19. You might have to convince him your efforts are noble. Well… good luck.
  20. And, against all the odds, if he does offer you a ride, don’t gawk. Thank him politely and mount.
  21. Hold on tight. I’m telling you, these things are fast. And beware of the darts.
  22. If you get out alive, ask the unicorn to go north to Armesta, before returning to me. You must meet an old man in the wilds of the outer pastures.
  23. Tell him my name.
  24. Don’t show him the unicorn.
  25. Take what he gives you and then return here.
  26. After that, we might just have a chance.
  27. Don’t be a jerk.


What is a writing prompt you have enjoyed?


12 thoughts on “How To Bond With A Unicorn // a writing prompt”

  1. I would have succeeded, in fact, I had even prepared for the 13 minutes and 56 seconds, had the mushrooms too. I have a likable face, but I don’t look stupid.

    But I couldn’t find a Unicorn.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh dear… Well, the last time I tried to bond with a Unicorn it was… Shall we say… A prickly situation? I suppose I went about it all wrong, but if I ever get the change to do that again, I’ll keep this in mind (and try not to be a jerk, and hope that because I’m an ENFP the unicorn will like me and not want to impale me when I giggle at tripping over forest roots like the clumsy elfess that I am).
    Ooh… the most recent writing inspiration was upon hearing about the 52 Hertz whale (AKA the loneliest whale). I love whales and that just intrigued me to pieces!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think you have to worry Erica… You’re not a jerk. 😂😂 I’m sure you just forgot not to wear red last time. 😉

      Ooh interesting! The loneliest whale? I’ll have to look that up!


      1. Well… I distinctly remember that I was wearing a maroon colored shirt that was a little more on the purple side, but I suppose maybe that had something to do with it. But then again, are unicorns sensitive to essential oils? It might not have liked the combo of lavender and citronella I was wearing as all-natural bug repellent.
        Thanks for the vote of confidence though!! If I ever try to find the unicorn again I’ll send you a selfie of my outfit so that you can know whether it was appropriate or not for the occasion. Can I wear turquoise?
        It is very interesting!! I love whales…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. 😂😂 I’m not sure about the essential oils… maybe unicorns are distant relatives of wasps and bees..? They do have a horn to “sting” with. 😜

          Yes! I need that picture! 😂👍 Maybe you can discover more about the behavior and preferences of unicorns for me…


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