A New Begining

I must confess: This is not my first blog.

The other my twelve-year old self plunged into with overwhelming eagerness, plowing through posts without thinking. It was going to be amazing. It was going to be popular. I was going to become famous for my spectacular book reviews.

But since then I’ve learned a lot and changed a lot. The flurry slowed. My heart sank. I cringed to read over it all. For while I tried to slowly veer the blog the other way; pushing for it to be something it wasn’t; hating to be that person who creates a second blog.

Finally, I gave up. It was time for a fresh start. And I severely apologize to all those bloggers out there who graduated from one blog to another for all the judgement and disgust I dealt out to them in my mind. 😛

Well, now I understand, and so here we are. (:

A little bit about me:

  • I’m a Christian.
  • I’m a bookworm.
  • I’m a writer. I love words and stories and the way they can make you smile, laugh, and then make you cry.
  • I’m a homeschooler. (Yes, I have friends, and no, I don’t do school in pajamas. Thank you. :))
  • I’m both a big sister, and a little sister.
  • I’m a pluviophile: I love rainy days.
  • I’m an artist to a small extent. (: I doodle and paint here and there.
  • And finally, I also enjoy crafts. Things like loping yarn with metal sticks to create blankets and hats and scarves.

A little bit about this blog:

  • I view it as a palette for musings, for words, for thoughts, and poetry, plastered here for those who are curious enough to wander through.
  • And to create a routine, I plan to post every Friday, starting next week.


So that’s me and this is my new blog!

Welcome! (:

7 thoughts on “A New Begining”

  1. This is Cousin Camille: I’m twelve now starting my first blog with the same optimistic ideas! It runs in the family. 😉 Thank you for the inspiration!

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